| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff


The 2018 New York Tennis Expo was the fifth installment of the Expo hosted by Long Island and New York Tennis Magazines, but it was the first to feature a Beach Tennis Arena as a part of the event’s Activity Zone.

Each time the New York Tennis Expo is held, Long Island and New York Tennis Magazine look to be innovative and create an environment that is exciting and fun for the thousands of attendees. This year, with the Expo being in the winter for the first time, the idea of having "Summer in the Winter" was broached, and people were able to kick their shoes off and jump out on the sand. It was a huge hit as the sand court was packed all day with kids and adults. 

It may have been winter outside, but it felt like summer inside with a sand-filled beach tennis court where attendees and guests could try out one of the fastest growing racket sports.  SEXY Beach Tennis provided the paddles and balls, while pros from New York Beach Tennis manned the courts, playing points with other players and conducting drills.

The Beach Tennis Arena was a welcomed addition to the Expo as attendees of all ages stepped onto the sand to try their hand at the sport. At the end of the day, two SEXY Beach Tennis paddles were raffled off, and New York Beach Tennis was able to introduce its summer series of tournaments to thousands of interested attendees.