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At AceSpace, we know that time is of the essence. Whether you’re scheduling tennis lessons a month in advance, or organizing an impromptu doubles match, you want the process to be quick. After all, if you can book a restaurant, a car, a hotel with just a few clicks—why not a tennis court?

Founded in 2018, AceSpace is the premier court-booking platform in New York. The app easily locates available tennis courts in your area, eliminating the hassle of Web searches and phone calls. Whatever price, surface or time slot you prefer, AceSpace ensures you get the court you want, every time.

Thanks to its staff of tennis enthusiasts, AceSpace was designed with both players and facilities in mind. We help tennis centers manage their bookings automatically, working as a stand-alone system or in tandem with older technology. We work directly with facility managers, bridging the gap between manual bookings and digitally-oriented players.

Now live at Park Avenue Tennis Facility, Alley Pond Tennis Center, East Brunswick Racquet Club, and Windsor Tennis Club, our gift to you is a stress-free tennis schedule. Like the best tennis players, AceSpace is fast and reliable, and no matter how busy your life gets, AceSpace is ready to steer you towards the nearest clay, grass or hard surface.

If you’re ready to #ClaimYourCourt, visit AceSpaceCourts.com to create your account now.

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iKnowTennis! Mobile App 


Do you know tennis rules? 

You serve. As your opponent hits a winning return, a string breaks on his racket. He retrieves a second racket from his bag. Is this a let? Point? First serve?

a) Let, first serve

b) Your point

c) His point.

Your doubles partner has a habit to call your serves in or out during practices. During a tournament game, he’s still calling your serves out. Can he call your serves out in a USTA match?

a) Yes

b) No


Answer 1: His point. The point was played in good faith. He did not delay the game because his racket was in his bag on the court. If you had returned the ball, he could continue playing with a broken string. Code 45.

Answer 2: No. Your partner should not be calling your first serves out. The receiver may return a long or wide serve if they didn’t see it clearly. They would be giving you the benefit of the doubt. Code 26

Learn the answers to these questions and more with the iKnowTennis! app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Visit iKnowTennis.com for more information.







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inPhorm, the international tennis, golf and active brand known for its “simple elegance and classic” outfits, is adding bright beautiful colors with sparkling details to its holiday collection “Fuchsia Rose.”   

We asked the creative director, Saad Hajidin, what inspired his color palette this season?  His answer: “After months of our somber mood globally, I think people are ready for a bright and beautiful collection to uplift their spirits and add a little joy to the holiday season.  Red is the dominant color during the holidays, but I wanted to give them something a little bit different, and that’s how I came up with “Fuchsia Rose” — a blend of red and magenta that reminds me of evening primroses.  I’ve also added sparkling details and a pattern of watercolor brush strokes that evoke cascading waterfalls.”

inPhorm’s Holiday 2020 collection is filled with styles that transition from  day into evening — tennis looks that easily blend in at cocktail hour.

In the last few months, inPhorm’s team has been engaged in conversations with its customers, gathering reviews of products, fits and functionality.  “We like to say that by listening to our customers, we ‘Stay inPhormed,’” Saad notes.  

You can learn more about inPhorm by visiting its website,  www.inphormnyc.com








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The POP-iTs are the only tennis accessory that easily fits on the end of the racquet, designed to stay on during game play and makes ball pick up effortless, safe during these times of CV19 concern and FUN-Finally!

Over 10,000 sold in less than a year!


►The POPITs make the chore of ball pick up effortless for any player new to tennis.


►Great for players with limited mobilities and Wheelchair athletes who want to learn tennis.

►Keeps seniors playing tennis, making tennis a truly lifelong sport.

►Great for kids, making it fun to pick up the ball, by reducing the only obstacle to learning tennis, ball pickup! 


►During these times of COVID concerns we have partnered up with the USTA and are recommended as an ideal solution to limiting ball contact with the ball during group and individual lessons.

Games in the POPIT Programs

►Over 25 FREE downloadable games that make the chore of ball pick up fun, FINALLY!

►Great for instructors, make your lessons seamless, and continue the learning during ball pick up!

More great ways to use them!

►Ball Runners during tournaments as an ideal way to limit contact with the tennis balls, keeping both players and runners safe.

►Easy to train the runners to use.

►Prizes for tournaments and tennis events

►Unique prize to make your even stand out!




Racket Pets 



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This holiday season turn your tennis racket into an adorable animal with Racket Pets!

Racket Pets was launched in the summer of 2018 and has been well received by the tennis community. It is the only matching dampener and overgrip set on the market that accessorizes a tennis racket and gives it an identity as a “pet”.  Racket Pets’ dampeners have a distinctive look in the facial expressions to evoke a sense of joy and enthusiasm, while the matching overgrip is patterned after the body of the animal.  Great detail was given to designing the dampeners’ facial expressions to evoke joy and enthusiasm.  They are made with premium quality PVC for maximum performance as a shock absorber.  The matching overgrip is patterned after the body of the animal and has a light tacky feel while offering long term durability.  This accessory is the perfect blend of fun, performance and fashion for a tennis racket and ideal for a gift exchange or stocking stuffer for the holidays.  Our current animals are Alligator, Dragon, Elephant, Giraffe, Lion, Snake, Tiger, Unicorn and Zebra.

Since its launch, Racket Pets has gone into over 100 pro shops and clubs and are being sold in  retail outlets at the following ATP/WTA Professional tournaments, Cincinnati Open,  BNP Paribas Indian Wells Open, Mubadala Silicon Valley Classic, Citi Open and Winston-Salem Open. By turning a tennis racket into a Racket Pet, the ultimate goal is to add another component of FUN to the tennis game and get more kids onto the courts.

We also offer wholesale pricing to pro shops, teaching professionals, academies and schools. Send inquiries to Maria Maddock at info@racketpets.com.





Silent Partner Tennis 

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Give the gift of a Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine this holiday season!

Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machines make a great holiday gift for the tennis buff in your life. We have a range of portable machines with great features for beginners and experts alike. Plus, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any questions before or after buying your machine, feel free to give us a call!

Silent Partner has been independently owned and operated since 1989.  Check us out online at SPTennis.com. 

Wishing everybody all the very best of the holiday season and a safe, healthy 2021.





Slinger Bag 



Slinger Bag Provides a Tennis Partner 24-7 and Is Light Enough for Santa’s Sleigh

Tennis enthusiasts of all skill levels have a reason to rejoice during the holidays this year because tennis is alive and well courtesy of Slinger Bag, the first truly portable and affordable tennis ball launcher that provides a tennis partner 24-7. Slinger Bag may be wheeled like carry- on luggage and can easily be tossed in the trunk of car, like a set of golf clubs. It is always available whenever and wherever you need it most and is light enough for Santa’s sleigh at 33 lbs.

Why is Slinger Bag the best tennis ball launcher on the market? It does so much more than challenge your skills. For the price of two tennis rackets, Slinger Bag is a multi-functional tennis bag with storage to transport 72 tennis balls, wallets, keys, towel sand water bottles. Oh, and it can even charge your cell phone.

Ideal for Santa’s elves, Slinger Bag may be set up in one minute, enables players to control the launch speed and frequency of balls, is priced at approximately 50% lower than competitors and is perfect for beginners just discovering the sport. Lastly, in today’s new normal, Slinger Bag is the ideal social distancing practice partner

Bonus Points: Slinger Bag will be sure to put smiles on tennis lover faces as they begin their New Year’s fitness regimens to work off all that excess turkey, and chocolate and holiday trimmings.