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New York Tennis Magazine has compiled some of the top tennis-inspired gifts for this holiday season in our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide:


adidas Pickleball



A Racket Tailored to Your Needs

The new ESSNOVA CARBON CTRL HD will give a new dimension to your game. The 3K CARBON composition alongside the POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB CORE will give you the power you demand. Its CTRL format will endow absolute precision that will make you dominate the game at will.


Its 3K CARBON composition and Hi-Density POLYPROPYLENE HONEYCOMB Core provides excellent power.


Its CTRL format and the materials used provide excellent comfort.


Frame: Carbon Reinforcement           

Surface: Carbon 3K

Core: High Density Polypropylene Honeycomb       


Dimensions: 16 x 8”

Weight: 7.7-8.2 oz

Thickness: 14.28 mm

Sweet Spot: Center

Grip Size: 4 1/8

Grip Length: 4 3/4





Designs By Rachael 

Custom Jewelry 

Feminine. Classy. Unique. Striking.  



A Lariat Necklace is a simple yet elegant statement piece that should be an Everyday Go-To.

They accentuate any outfit for any occasion. 

The beauty of Designs by Rachael is that you can choose one of the designs, and together you can customize and create your very own Eye-Catching lariat necklace.

You decide the color of the chain and the color of the gems. 

Your piece will be *Individualized and Special*

►Each Beautiful lariat necklace has 24 inches of Diamond Cut chain 

►14k Yellow Gold, White Gold, Rose Gold, or Sterling Silver 

►Vivid and Sparkling gem stones 

►Can come with a matching bracelet to go with it

A Designs By Rachael custom piece can be the Perfect gift to Spoil yourself or someone else 

Find Designs By Rachael on Facebook and Instagram: JewelryDesignsByRachael










(214) 749-0300


inPhorm, the tennis, golf and active brand known internationally for its “simple elegance and classic” outfits, is adding a camouflage pattern to its holiday collection — aptly called “Holiday Camo.”   

We asked the creative director, Saad Hajidin, what inspired his color palette this season?  “Camouflage is always popular,” he noted. “Every time we include a camouflage print in our collection, people respond positively.  My thought for this Holiday was to elevate the patterns and colors for camouflage. I’ve combined Aubergine with Blush Grey, Dark Grey and Black, making it more sophisticated and appropriate for the taste level that inPhorm’s customers have come to expect from us.    

“I was very careful to scale the patterns so that each color variation blends and compliments the others tastefully. In addition to the Camouflage Pattern, we also have Slate Grey, Black and White — colors that work well on their own or pair with the pattern pieces.”

inPhorm’s Holiday 2021 collection is replete with styles that transition from the daytime court and course to the evening’s activities — stylish tennis and golf looks that easily blend in at any occasion.

In the last few months, inPhorm’s team has been engaged in conversations with its customers, gathering reviews of products, fits and functionality.  “We like to say that by listening to our customers, we ‘Stay inPhormed,’” Saad says 

You can learn more about inPhorm by visiting its website, www.inphormnyc.com





Ode to Tennis by Barbara Wyatt


The Gift of Humor 

For the holiday stockings, give the gift of humor with the book, Ode to Tennis by Barbara Wyatt, featuring the delightful rhyming poem of a player in a tennis lesson. It’s the perfect little gift book for tennis players. The illustrated poem highlights a player's joy and frustrations during a tennis lesson, capturing the euphoria and struggles of players who take up the game of tennis later in life.

“I chase the ball in tournaments,

I compete in the USTA

Yet my strokes leave players laughing,

I’m more comical than Tina Fey!


►“A great work to be ready by anyone who likes the sport of tennis!”

►“It is a feel good book, well-written and illustrated. Made me smile the whole time I was reading it.”

►“A great gift! So much truth in a fun wonderfully illustrated book. Enjoy.”

Ode to Tennis is available on Amazon for $9.95 (paperback) and $2.99 (Kindle).





Road to Pro, Inc.  



Road to Pro, Inc. is a Los Angeles-based startup that saw several opportunities to improve and innovate current tennis equipment and gear. 

Founded by retired professional tennis player, Sky Kim, he knew what it took to compete, play and train at the highest level. Arm, shoulder and knee injuries, however, truly stood in the way of Sky’s potential, and he tirelessly searched for new equipment and materials to improve not only the playing and recovery experience, but also the performance of a player.

With a passion for coaching and testing new gear that may even exceed his passion for playing, Sky set out to revolutionize a common yet polarizing racquet accessory: the dampener. 

Attempting to produce his own dampener that would absorb shock like none other, this would be a game-changer for any players battling tendonitis, soreness or joint pain.

A small piece of gear that seems to have hardcore fans, rigid haters and even more players that use them with little acknowledgment or opinion.

Scouring the internet for a material that would be incredibly absorbent yet not too heavy, he purchased plain sheets of a polymer called Sorbothane off of Amazon in 2014.

Play-testing with the material, experimenting with designs, shapes and sizes, Sky settled on a sleek and classic look that now comes in several different color options to match your racquet and aesthetic. The end results were the ShockSorb Original and UltraSoft. Subtle yet substantial, it has been used with critical acclaim from players of all levels and play-styles that it does not interfere with touch or feeling, yet offers unmatched comfort from traditional-style dampeners.

The difference lies in the Sorbothane material, which is capable of absorbing up to 94.7% of shock impact, and is the most absorbent dampener on the market due to this unique material, even in extreme temperatures. Sorbothane has been used by various industries such as NASA and museums to transport delicate and priceless works. 

Know a tennis player that loves the game but not the pain? Road to Pro has a few products in addition to the ShockSorb lineup that offer more injury protection to racquet sports players without sacrificing control, feel and style.




Silent Partner Tennis  

(800) 662-1809



Give the gift of a Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine this holiday season!

Silent Partner Tennis has been independently owned and operated since 1989.  Check us out online at SPTennis.com. 

Our ball machines make great holiday gifts. We have a range of portable machines to match any budget with features for beginners and experts alike. 

Oscillation with top spin and back spin capability comes standard on all of our machines.  Our SMART model machine includes advanced features such as Match Play mode, which simulates playing points in a match, and Select-A-Drill, which allows you to input customised drill sequencies.

Feature-for-feature, we are the best deal around.  Plus, shipping from our factory to your front door is free.

We pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any questions before or after buying your machine, feel free to give us a call!

Here’s to your best tennis yet.  Wishing everybody all the very best of the holiday season and a safe, healthy 2022.





Slinger Bag 



Slinger Bag Provides a Tennis Partner 24-7 and Is Light Enough for Santa’s Sleigh

Tennis enthusiasts of all skill levels have a reason to rejoice during the holidays this year because tennis is alive and well courtesy of Slinger Bag, the first truly portable and affordable tennis ball launcher that provides a tennis partner 24-7. Slinger Bag may be wheeled like carry-on luggage and can easily be tossed in the trunk of car, like a set of golf clubs. It is always available whenever and wherever you need it most and is light enough for Santa’s sleigh at 33 lbs.

Why is Slinger Bag the best tennis ball launcher on the market? It does so much more than challenge your skills. For the price of two tennis rackets, Slinger Bag is a multi-functional tennis bag with storage to transport 72 tennis balls, wallets, keys, towel sand water bottles. Oh, and it can even charge your cell phone.

Ideal for Santa’s elves, Slinger Bag may be set up in one minute, enables players to control the launch speed and frequency of balls, is priced at approximately 50% lower than competitors and is perfect for beginners just discovering the sport. Lastly, in today’s new normal, Slinger Bag is the ideal social distancing practice partner

Bonus Points: Slinger Bag will be sure to put smiles on tennis lover faces as they begin their New Year’s fitness regimens to work off all that excess turkey, and chocolate and holiday trimmings.




Tennis Inside the Zone: 32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions

Available on Amazon


We have seen firsthand how Robs work has positively impacted players, both as a person and tennis player. His program is a must for anyone who wants to break through to the next level.” Tim Mayotte, former #7 Professional in the World and Coaching Professional.


What if one book could change everything? Tennis Inside the Zone is the perfect holiday gift for the player that is looking to take their mental game to another level. It’s the first book of its kind that empowers the player to be the champion of their own game. This highly interactive journal book offers players of all levels mental training workouts, quotes from the pros, key principals, and mental strategies to stay focused on what they can control, embrace adversity, and increase their resiliency while facing obstacles. 

If you have ever wondered, how do I get the mental edge? (workout #1), Why can’t I play matches like I practice? (workout #13), or How can I relax? (workout #22), this books for you.  Or have you ever said?  I suck!? (workout #20), or I’m better, how could I lose? (workout 29), or even I can’t believe I choked (workout #32), then this book is definitely for you!

Tennis Inside the Zone is intended to help you uncover and solve the mystery of the mental game. It can help you to identify your unique strengths and make them even more potent, while allowing self reflection and awareness as a person and player.

For Golfers and Baseball players (or anyone playing team sports), please check out Golf Inside the Zone and Baseball inside the Zone also available on Amazon. Rob Polishook is author and Mental Training coach, he can be reached at at rob@insidethezone or cell (973) 723-0314.

Happy Holidays.




The Art and Science of Ball Watching

By Dr. Paul Hamori, M.D.


Dr. Paul J. Hamori M.D. is a physician practicing internal medicine in the greater Indianapolis area. He has been a lifelong tennis enthusiast and student of the game for the last 55 years, having started tennis at the age of 5. Professionally, he has always had a side interest in neuroscience. He decided to combine these two passions to produce a book about the neuroscience of tennis ball watching. 

The Art and Science of Ball Watching takes the reader through the scientific principles involved in tennis ball watching, with a focus on those aspects of Physical and Biologic science that facilitate the ability to see ball contact.

It then analyzes the techniques used by the greatest ball watcher of all time.  Subsequently it demonstrates simple exercises that can be done by any player to develop these same techniques.  It contains interesting diagrams and pictures that will facilitate the reader’s understanding of these principles and techniques.

While the focus of the book is on tennis, its concepts are applicable to other racquet sports including pickle ball, and squash.

Inside Tennis editor Bill Simons wrote: “Dr. Paul Hamori has written a revealing, groundbreaking book: The Art and Science of Ball Watching–Learning to see contact. The book teaches us the neuroscience of hearing, vision and touch–and how to apply it to playing better.  Hamori offers an intriguing study of the greatest of all ball watchers, Roger Federer, and gives us a bounty of brain exercises.”