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  | By Joan Dziena

From the very beginning of the game, tennis has been a sport where fashion has played a pivotal role. From the days of lawn tennis, to the Roaring 20s and on into the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s … tennis style has chronicled the growing need for on the court comfort coupled with proper performance.

Today, tennis fashion has never been more relevant. The Grand Slams provide us live coverage of what our favorite athletes are wearing, taking their personal style with them to the court. Along with the design details that make the statements for each player, high tech-wicking fabrics and ergonomic fit are also important, both in the athlete’s everyday training and in the heat of competition.

Construction details are paramount. Bonded seams and sonic welding are used to reduce chafing. Laser cut “no sew” seams make for a weightless feeling, offering freedom of movement along with an aerodynamic feel. Mesh gussets provide maximum cooling and ventilation. When it comes to the game of tennis, fans have much to get excited about this season! Going into our final Grand Slam, the U.S. Open, the game, players and clothing are heating up the court. Let’s take a look at a few of the must-have trends.

Think bright!
Vivid hues continue to dominate the court. For women, the crayon brights are layered with each other to create interesting shots of color under tank tops and skorts. Seaming details continue in the dress category to deliver the most slimming silhouette and for better support and comfort, all in one piece!

For men, bright shots of color are mixed in confetti prints and graphic designs that collide on shirts and tees. The color explosion travels down the leg to the performance shoe, where the primary bright colors are contrasted with traditional tennis white.

Trim up tradition
For those who are purists, Wimbledonesque bright whites are trimmed with the shimmer of metallic that give classic styles 21st Century appeal. Gold, silver and platinum piping running along the seams are subtly visible, outlining the silhouettes with an on court glow.

Stay current
Just as the venues, the equipment and the players continue to challenge the sport with advancements in technology and cutting-edge techniques, tennis fashion parallels that effort by dressing up the game, creating a fashion show aura that makes every tennis player want to look the part and perhaps even play on center court!