| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff

The following is an excerpt from a recent Olympus U.S. Open Series conference call with world's number one ranked women's tennis player Caroline Wozniacki that New York Tennis Magazine participated in:

How does the atmosphere in New York for the U.S. Open compare to other majors? Do you enjoy that atmosphere at the Open?
I really think it's a great atmosphere. I love New York, and I love the atmosphere there. It's very intense. To play on center court with 23,000 people watching you, especially the night session, that's an amazing feeling. That's what you're training for.


You've had great success in New Haven: three straight championships, an undefeated record. What is it about that venue and that city that you really just seem to have a great time there?

I think it's great to play in New Haven. It's a very good atmosphere there, and I really enjoy every time I'm there. It feels like a home tournament and feels like people are really appreciating the tennis. So it's just a fun week to be participating.


Looking forward to flirting with the Yale football team again?
(Laughter.) It will be great. I never complain having 100 guys standing around me, so that'll definitely be fun.




When you come off a relatively long break after a major, especially this one coming from grass to hard courts, what will you be looking for from your game the first couple tournaments, first couple of matches even, that you play?

I'm looking forward to get a few matches under my belt. I always feel like I play better once I start going. So I'm just going to start looking for trying to get everything that I've been practicing on into the matches. I’m just trying to put a little bit of things into my game, small changes, but that maybe can make a big difference in the end.



My question for you is going into this particular tournament, how do you feel physically? Are you 100 percent?

Yeah, I feel very good physically. I feel like I've had some good practice weeks. I'm feeling ready to go.