| By Monica Gorny

On the evening of June 9, the staff at John McEnroe Tennis Academy hosted their first annual end-of-season tennis party at the Sportime Randall’s Island. Amidst some fun-filled tennis activities and pizza eating, players were treated to a Q&A session with John McEnroe, followed by a special preview screening of the new HBO documentary, “McEnroe/Borg: Fire & Ice,” which premiered June 11.

In his discussion, McEnroe presented a number of valuable lessons through a mixture of motivational points and humor. He drew attention to the importance of putting things in perspective by saying, “We all win some and lose some, but it’s better to learn from losing than not learning from winning.” Additionally, he emphasized that trying one’s best is something that all players should be focusing on. When asked about his famous, fiery on-court conduct, McEnroe answered by saying that this was “What not to do on the court!” This answer spurred a wave of laughter and concluded McEnroe’s talk to the players.

The much-awaited screening of the new HBO documentary, “Fire & Ice” on Court One was welcomed with much enthusiastic applause and reactions. Players were encouraged to draw parallels between the lessons that McEnroe had focused on in his talk and the rivalry between McEnroe and Bjorn Borg as presented by the documentary. The documentary focuses on the back stories, prolific tennis careers and spirited rivalry between McEnroe and Borg in the late 1970s and early 1980s. the film also follows the duo’s post-career endeavors as McEnroe remained in the spotlight as a tennis announcer, while Borg chose to lead a very private post-tennis life.
The evening left the players inspired to work towards their dreams with a better understanding of what it takes to become one of the tennis greats.

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Photo credit: Michael Sarro

Kids take part in some on-court drills during the “Fire & Ice” premier at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy


Photo credit: Michael Sarro
A great time was had by all at Sportime Randall’s Island


Photo credit: Michael Sarro
An instructor at the John McEnroe Tennis Academy assists with a drill