NYC's Premier Junior Program
  | By New York Tennis Magazine Staff

Each Major League Baseball season, 20 local tennis players/pros come together for a fantasy baseball league that spearheads a season-long battle for bragging rights and prizes. For the second time in three years, the Orange Crush (led by David Sickmen) has won the league championship. In a tough final, the Crush won 7-5 (total categories) over a team managed by Greg Kaplan.

It was a great season for Team Orange Crush, as they won the regular season championship, division title, and overall championship. Team captain and shortstop Derek Jeter said after the season, "My 3,000th hit paled in comparison to the chance to play for the Orange Crush."

Crush Closer JJ Putz said, "Going into to the playoffs with the Diamondbacks is a great accomplishment, but I'm one of the lucky guys who already has a title. What an honor playing on such a great team like the Crush."

Since entering the league five years ago, the Crush has proven to be the cream of the crop. Through five years, the Orange Crush has two overall championships, three regular season titles, three division titles, and four finals appearances and is an absurd 302 games over the .500 mark.

Second place in the league this year went to the aforementioned Greg Kaplan and third place went to a team run by Jason Flaxman. Coming in a distant sixth was a team coached by league court jester Brad Becker. Brad finally qualified for the playoffs (which is rare), but the only real headlines he made was continuing to win the award for Most (jealous of the Orange Crush) Message Board Posts. Unfortunately for him, he continues to be a complete non-factor in any league he doesn't rig. On the bright side for Brad, rumor has it that the Orange Crush has graciously offered to give him fantasy lessons in the offseason so that he can be somewhat competitive in the future.

Sickmen has been fielding offers from many pro franchises that are currently in disarray, from the New York Islander and New York Mets, to the Dallas Stars to come in and oversee operations and stabilize their respective teams.

"While its nice to have Lou Lamorello, the Doubledays and Charles Wang blowing up my cell phone, I have a responsibility to my current role as publisher," said Sickmen. "Besides, if I were to leave, I think my fantasy baseball peers would miss my domination too much, and as a friend, I wouldn't want to deny them that."

David Stern is said to have also contacted Sickmen to run a rouge pro basketball league should the lockout linger between the NBA and its millionaires

As they chant in the Carrier Dome...."Let's Go Orange!!!"