| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
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Founded in 2002, Metrotennis is a not-for-profit organization that provides tennis leagues, classes and information about tennis in New York City. Metrotennis promotes the sport of tennis in New York City, by running USTA team leagues, corporate leagues, USTA Junior Team Tennis, USTA Flex Leagues, and the PTNY program.

The Play Tennis New York (PTNY) program, which is operated by the Metro Community Tennis Association (MCTA), provides low-cost adult group tennis lessons throughout New York City. This summer, classes were offered in Manhattan, and featured 165 participants. The program targets adult beginners who are interested in getting into the game of tennis. Most participants take Phase I, Phase II and Phase III classes, and many students have been with the Play Tennis New York program for more than three years. Some of them have gone on to play in USTA Leagues, while others have become substitute players in the Metro Corporate Tennis League. PTNY has proven to be the impetus for many adult tennis enthusiasts to pick up a racket and not only enjoy watching the game but being part of it.

Phase I of the PTNY program consists of adult beginners learning to play tennis taught by professional instructors. There are eight to 10 students per instructor, and each lesson lasts 90 min. and meets once a week on a specific day for a period of four weeks. In some cases, classes will meet for two hours over a span of three weeks.

Phase II is for those who choose to continue developing their tennis skills, consisting of classes taught by professional instructors in a smaller group of six to eight students. Classes are approximately 90 min. long and take place once per week on a specific day for a period of four weeks (or two hour-long classes over a three-week span).

For those looking to advance their tennis skill set even further, Phase III is the next step in the PTNY program. Like Phase I and Phase II, Phase III is instructed by professional instructors in a smaller groups of four to six students in weekly, 90 min. classes held on a specific day for a period of four weeks or classes that last two hours over a span of three weeks.

For information on the PTNY program, call (718) 639-8936. For more information, visit Metrotennis.com.