| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo credit: Kenneth B. Goldberg

Andy Murray defeated David Ferrer 7-5, 6-4 to claim the title at the Shanghai Masters Tournament. This win will guarantee a ranking jump above the currently third-ranked Roger Federer. Murray has made it his goal to become the number three ranked player in the world by the end of the season which is a goal he has attained.

This is the first time that Roger Federer has dropped out of the top three since June of 2003. Murray has taken the previous two ATP tournaments in Tokyo and Bangkok and this takes it to a total of three. Of the last 26 matches he has played, he lost only one at the U.S. Open semifinals to Rafael Nadal. Murray said that "Masters are Unstoppable" in a post-match interview to the crowd after accepting his trophy.

Federer will finish this season empty handed after not taking a single Grand Slam title which will be a first for him since 2002. Murray said, "I'm still not guaranteed to finish at No. 3. I'm still going to have to win some more matches. But if you finish in front of Federer in a year, then there are not many people the last five, six, seven years that have been able to say that."

Murray also believes that the distance between the top two players of Nadal and Novak Djokovic is closing as well. "I don't feel like I'm that far away. I just have to play better. There's nothing else to say. I can win against Rafa. I can win against Novak. I just have to play better against them in the five setters," said Murray.

In the final match, Murray had an early jump with a break in the first game along with taking the last two games in the first set to make it 7-5. Murray and Ferrer are separated by only one ranking on the ATP standings. Murray was the favorite going into the match and he has delivered on that prediction.