| By Barbara Ordes

Cardio Tennis is fun, fast and affordable! I love seeing the same people, week after week, improve their quickness, reaction time and tennis skills with just an hour workout that is way more exciting than another trip to the gym. A challenging cardio workout for tennis focuses on specific footwork and overall court movement. In my experiences when compared to private lessons, clinics or competitive match play, I truly believe that Cardio Tennis gives instant fitness and tennis results. In my experiences, the Cardio Tennis community is supportive, enjoyable and people experience their improvement together.

Here are a few testimonials from some Cardio Tennis participants.

“I used to dread doing cardio because it meant doing boring repetitive exercises. I was always counting the minutes I had left each session, which makes it hard to keep motivated long-term. Since I started taking Cardio Tennis classes though, I look forward to my workouts. The pace is really fast, so it keeps my heart rate up, and the competitive nature of the class keeps me engaged much more than solitary exercises like the treadmill or bike. Watching my skills improve from week to week is a bonus, so now not only am I in great shape, but I'm enjoying the game even more.”
—Jonathan Weinberg

“I'm 35, have been playing tennis since I was six, and my tennis has improved more in the past year and a half that I've been doing cardio than the previous 27 years of regular drills. Let's face it, we all know how to hit a forehand, overhead or volley. The real key to playing good tennis is getting in the right position at the right time, and to be able to hit that forehand or volley properly. Cardio has improved my footwork and hustle 200 percent. I'm running down drop shots I couldn't have before, and am taking those three little shuffle-steps needed to set up my shot—no more standing and reaching! Cardio is so fast-paced that when I play regular matches, everything seems like it's in slow-motion … it feels like I have five min. to prepare for each shot! If you are serious about improving your game, sign up for a cardio class. If you aren't … stick with your drills.”
—Dan Backhaus