| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff

The One-on-One Doubles® Pro Tournament, one-hour show will premiere on Tennis Channel on Monday, June 11, from noon-1:00 p.m., EST. The half-court, serve-and-volley singles game played on the doubles court, known as One-on-One Doubles®, will be showcased in its tournament format by some of the game’s legends. Tennis greats Johan Kriek, Murphy Jensen, Mikael Pernfors and Tim Wilkison will compete in this USTA-sanctioned format, in a four-man round-robin tournament.

The rules of One-on-One Doubles® are that the player must serve-and-volley on both first and second serves or there is an immediate loss of point. Half-volleys are permitted. All points are played cross-court and the alleys are included. One-on-One Doubles® uses a new patent-pending court design. There is a dividing line, from the center of the service line through the center of the baseline, that serves as the game’s unique boundary.

“This TV premiere will showcase the new USTA-sanctioned game of One-on-One Doubles® in its tournament format,” said Ed Krass, founder of One-on-One Doubles® Tennis. “One-on-One Doubles® is the first, new alternative game to singles and doubles since the inception of the game in the 1870s.”

Since the game’s inception in 2004, One-on-One Doubles® has been played at ATP, USTA, USPTA and ITA National Events. Two of the game’s biggest tournaments were held at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in 2010 and 2011. The inaugural One-on-One Doubles® Pro Tournament, played at Golden Ocala Golf and Equestrian Club in Ocala, Fla., was won by Mikael Pernfors, 1986 French Open singles finalist.

For more information on One-on-One Doubles® Tournaments, visit www.oneononedoubles.com or call (813) 684-9031