| By Luke Jensen

The Jensen Brothers are going to bring it in Georgia! I am so excited to tell you that Murphy and I are now part of the Sea Island Experience! From 1990 when Murphy played at the University of Georgia (UGA), the Jensen family has been part of the Atlanta tennis scene.

The opportunity to work side by side, once again, with my brother Murphy like we did on the ATP Tour winning the 1993 French Open on through today, it develops a very special family experience at Sea Island through the game of tennis.

Murphy and I have one mission in mind for our tennis program. Making doubles our number one priority! We call it Doubles Heaven!

If doubles is your game, Sea Island is the name you need to know. With special events and weekend camps every month, Sea Island Tennis will have everything the hardcore tennis player needs.

Murphy and I made our living on the ATP Tour winning at doubles. To be honest, I was tired of hearing from the tennis fan that there needs to be more doubles on TV and a doubles emphasis from the ATP and WTA Tours. I wanted to do something about it.

Sea Island has given the Jensen Brothers a platform to teach and promote the game MOST tennis players play … the complicated and rewarding game of doubles!

At every level, doubles is a different game and one needs a different approach than in singles. The mindset, tactics and movements are unique and have to be mastered in order to be successful in doubles tennis. Junior players, college players and adult league players ALL need a depth of understanding and confidence in their doubles game.

Junior players must understand that a winning high school program needs productive doubles players in order for the team to win. For the player looking to play in college, 83 percent of the time, the team winning the doubles points wins the team dual match at the collegiate level.

For the adult player, every year we lose a half a step of court coverage, and doubles tennis will find you sooner or later. Doubles is a game of mental tactical chess. It’s not as physical as singles, but more demanding in the way of strategy and communication.

Doubles on any surface at any level can be very complicated. First, it is very important to choose the right partner. A great player may blame you if the team is losing. A player similar to you may not bring the game needed on that day to win. I have found that opposites attract in doubles. Find someone who is supportive when you are playing bad and find a partner who inspires you to have fun when things begin to get tough. After that, make sure the partner compliments what you do. If you are a power player, pick up a steady no-miss partner. If you are the rock of consistency, find a power plant of winners in your partner. These combinations can handle any type of team across the net.

The team aspect, in the end, is critical. Successful teams enjoy being on the practice and match court together. Spending time with your doubles partner off the court in social situations creates a bond that will help the team perform well under pressure.

Great doubles tennis is played and won with great team chemistry. My brother Murphy and I were so in tune that I knew what shot he would hit before he hit it based on the score and where on the court he was hitting from. By the end of our ATP careers, there were only brief tactical discussions from time to time after spending decades of meshing the team to a world-class machine.

We had achieved what all great teams are searching for … UNITY. We thought, moved and played as one unit. We covered all areas of the court to the point where we became a wall around the net. Murphy and I are now excited about teaching the doubles concept and theory to achieve unity on the court for your team.

Sea Island Tennis is dedicated to making all players at EVERY level better. The facilities at Sea Island and now the pro staff, with two French Open Doubles Champions, are without equal on the planet.

Join us soon at Sea Island, and let Murphy and I “Jensenize” your doubles game! Go on a horseback ride on the miles-long private beach, play some golf, go to our world-class shooting school, take up squash, then go to the spa for a manicure and a pedicure! There is unlimited fun and activities available at Sea Island on the Atlantic Ocean.

See you soon on our manicured clay courts.

Luke Jensen

Raised in Ludington , Mich., Luke Jensen’s resume includes 10 ATP Tour doubles titles and singles/doubles victories against Andre Agassi, Pete Sampras, Ivan Lendl, John McEnroe, Bjorn Borg, Jimmy Connors, Boris Becker, Stefan Edberg, Jim Courier, Patrick Rafter, Michael Stitch. Jensen and his brother, Murphy, won the 1993 French Open doubles title. He was also a member of the US Davis Cup Teams that reaches the finals in 1991 and won in 1992. His ambidextrous play, including his ability to serve the ball with either hand at 130 mph, earned him the nickname “Dual Hand Luke.” Luke is currently director of racquet sports at the West Side Tennis Club in Forest Hills, N.Y.. He may be reached by phone at (315) 403-0752 or e-mail lukejensen84@yahoo.com.