| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo credit: Adam Wolfthal

Driven by a desire to create the most refined, progressive teaching method in the world, 360Tennis was founded by Lee Hurst in 2005. Hurst brought together experts in the field of tennis teaching, psychology and physical training. Since then, he has joined forces with former top 10 player and tennis teacher Tim Mayotte, and top coach Carl Thorsen to launch their new project at Cunningham Tennis Center. They continue to develop players, coaches and people to the highest levels.

The 360Tennis team has launched a new Web site that they are very proud of at 360Tennis.net. The site focuses on four major aspects of a junior players development (Mental,Technical, Tactical and Fitness). Long Island Tennis Magazine spent time yesterday watching this program and speaking with all involved and came away very impressed. Pictures from the training session are currently on our Facebook Page.

Credit all photos to Adam Wolfthal