| By Jason Speirs

On Jan. 12th, Roosevelt Island Racquet Club (RIRC), Advantage Tennis Clubs, and the USPTA hosted its 2nd Annual Parent/Child Doubles Tournament. The event was open to any parent-child combination, regardless of age and gender. From middle school to late 20s, we had several generations represented, although we only had father/son and father/daughter teams this year. Last year we had mother/son teams, but we look forward to next year where we will get mother/daughter and mother/son teams to compete. Calling all women ... start practicing with your family members now so you’ll be ready to compete next year!

As it turned out, each of the teams were very competitive, including a former Yale varsity player and Advantage Tennis Clubs Junior Program Director, Xavier Luna. Coincidentally, the finals consisted of very similar teams to the previous year, when Javier & Xavier Luna defeated Leo & Ioannis Vrailles. However, younger brother Alex Vrailles stepped up annd filled in, while Leo was competing in a USTA tournament elsewhere. Although the teams knew each other well, it was Alex & Ioannis that stole the show from the reigning champions. The rest of the Vrailles family, mother, brother Leo, and sister Theo (also a tennis player) were there cheering along for the finals. Aside from the competition, the evening was a great success full of fun, social, and family bonding. The food, hummus and veggies, lemon chicken and pasta was healthy and family friendly.

A big thank you goes out to all the teams and look forward to next year!