| By Eric Rebhuhn





1. Binghamton University
Under the leadership of Adam Cohen, the Binghamton University Bearcats program has been as consistent over the last five years as any mid major in the country.



2. Boston College
In the ACC playing against the reigning NCAA National Champions, the Virginia Cavaliers, Boston College Head Coach Scott Wilkins continues to improve the program.




3. Boston University
Rick Edelman has been at the helm of the Boston University program for quite a while. The BU kids are focused on academics, but are extremely competitive.



4. Brown
One of the top Ivy League schools in tennis over the last 10 years, Brown Coach Dave Schwartz gets the most out of his players every match with a very good schedule to match.



5. Bryant University
Bryant University Coach Ron Gendron has slowly built a former D2 school into a sleeper in the Northeast. It used to be that it was a team to add to your schedule for a certain win, but not anymore.



6. Buffalo
Buffalo Head Coach Lee Nickel is another great upcoming coach at another state school that continues to improve every year. His teams are known to be the fittest around!




7. Colgate
Colgate, a Patriot League team led by Bobby Pennington, is always competing for the title. Colgate brings with it a great academic reputation in a quiet college town.



8. Columbia University
What can you say about Columbia Head Coach Bid Goswami’s legacy … it’s second to none! Year-in, year-out, his team competes for an Ivy League title and is extremely dedicated both on and off the court! It is with tremendous support from alumni and friends that have helped establish and maintain Columbia as a Northeast powerhouse.


9. University of Connecticut
Head Coach Glenn Marshall of the University of Connecticut is again venturing into the new American Athletic Conference and time will tell if they will stay there. Hopefully, the program will gain a newfound momentum with the conference change.


10. Cornell University
Cornell Head Coach Silviu Tanasoiu has continued the success of this Ivy League power with his tireless recruiting and great schedule, competing year-in, year-out against some of the best programs in the country. Coach Silviu comes from the University of Oklahoma where he was considered the top recruiter in the country.


11. Dartmouth College
Dartmouth Head Coach Chris Drake continues to run a classy program that improves year after year. Coach Drake was a tremendous competitor during his college days and that has continued over to his coaching career. Hanover is a beautiful place to go to school.



12. Drexel University
Drexel University is in the heart of Philly, and competes in the Colonial Athletic Association. Mehdi Rhazali is embarking on his second season as the head coach. Coach Rhazali looks to continue to bring the tennis program to new heights.



13. Fairfield University
Fairfield University, a private school in the middle of Connecticut, offers a solid tennis program under the leadership of Head Coach Ed Paige, as well as an excellent education.



14. Fordham University
New Fordham University Coach Mickey Brzov looks to revamp this program and re-establish themselves within the Atlantic 10 Conference.