| By Deborah-Rose Andrews

The Queens season was once again plagued by rain. We had 44 matches rained out and several were interrupted mid-match by rain. The weather issues continued into District playoffs. The 4.0 Queens men playoffs were interrupted mid-match. Several Manhattan matches were also impacted by rain.

Regionals also started out rainy and the day of Regionals was an eventful one. At the start time, rain was coming down. Just after 2:00 p.m., Paul, one of our 3.5 players who is also a meteorologist, assured me the rain was moving out and we would be in the clear soon! With that happy news, the men joined together to dry the courts and finally get the matches underway.

Just after the last court started, the yellow jacket bees arrived and promptly stung one of the players. Off to the main building for ice.

At the start of the next round, Court 10 developed a problem, and despite our best efforts, the court was declared unplayable by the maintenance staff. The ladies, who had patiently waited, were finally moved to another court.

The competition throughout the playoffs was very tough. There were many close matches, and many matches decided by a 3-2 win. There were some exciting matches–and some marathons (two ladies singles matches lasted three-and-a-half hours!).

After a very long day, Regionals finally ended as the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center closed for the night. Thanks to the players for their patience and understanding of the long delays.

Our teams now advance to Section Championships in Schenectady, N.Y. The 18 & Over 3.5, 4.0 and 5.0+ Men and Women competed Aug. 9-11, while the 18 & Over 3.0 and 40 & Over 3.5 and 4.5+ Men and Women competed Aug. 16-18. And on Aug. 23-25, the 18 & Over 4.5, and 40 & Over 3.0 and 4.0 Men and Women played.

You can follow our team’s progress through the USTA Eastern Web site, as well as through updates on our Facebook page.

18 & Over Women
►3.0 Level: Cam/Caponi
►3.5 Level: Rowe/Qureshi
►4.0 Level: Johnson
►4.5 Level: Gloria/Minatodani
►5.0+ Level: Glick

18 & Over Men
►3.0 Level: Snow/Caballero
►3.5 Level: Ticol/Malubay
►4.0 Level: Johnson/Freed
►4.5 Level: Khuong/Snyder
►5.0+ Level: Snyder

40 & Over Women
►3.0 Level: McDonald/Terry
►3.5 Level: Chin/Wood
►4.0 Level: Schaffer
►4.5+ Level: Reiner/Urban

40 & Over Men
►3.5 Level: Brown/Tallia
►4.0 Men: Khine/Zhang
►4.5+ Level: Katz

The new 55 & Over League is currently playing at Randall’s Island and City View. We have six teams competing in this league type.

Our next season will be Mixed-Doubles. This League will start in the fall for Manhattan, January for the other boroughs. More details will be sent in the Call for Captains and posted to our Facebook page (Metrotennis League) in September.

Enjoy the break and the U.S. Open. We look forward to seeing you for Mixed-Doubles.

Are you ready to play League Tennis?

►If you know your rating, you can contact the appropriate level coordinator through our Web site (www.metrotennis.com). Click on USTA Leagues, click the appropriate borough on the left, then "Coordinators.” Fill out the form completely, which will be sent on to the level coordinator.

►If you do not know your rating, please e-mail info@metrotennis.com with your full name, current age, area you wish to play in and tennis background. If you played college tennis, please include the college name, the years played and position(s) played. A coordinator will get back to you.

►You can also go to TennisLink, complete the self-rating and then contact the appropriate level coordinator.

Deborah-Rose Andrews is the Local League Coordinator for the Metro Region. She is also vice chair of the Adult League Committee and a member of the Metro Region board of directors. She may be reached by e-mail info@metrotennis.com.