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BOLT is offering a special offer for the 2013 holiday season. This year, get a BOLT Racquet Bag (6-pack) for just $32 ($39 retail) or a 12-pack for just $40 ($49 retail). BOLT’s Racquet Bag is made of heavy-duty nylon construction, with a thermal racquet compartment and padded backpack straps.

BOLT began in the age of modern, high-performance athletics, with the understanding that the increasing speed and power of modern sports demands more capable equipment. If cutting-edge tools and materials are employed creatively, BOLT can, and should, expect far better performance over existing products. If there's a way to improve equipment so that athletes can train, play, and win more—all in good health—BOLT will find it.

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Pocket Radar
Pocket Radar is the revolutionary training tool designed to help increase power and develop consistency on the court every day. An affordable radar gun the size of a cellphone, the Pocket Radar is the convenient and accurate tool to discreetly measure the speeds of serves, groundstrokes and volleys. Need to work on quickness attacking the net? The Pocket Radar even measures sprinting speed and acceleration.

Obtain instant results-driven feedback of all the hard work you put in during practice. Help identify mechanical issues you may have with your backhand or forehand by receiving speed based results. The Pocket Radar is the training tool of choice for athletes worldwide looking to improve and find their ideal techniques through accurate measured data. 

The ability to easily measure before and after results provides invaluable knowledge to help raise your speed and game. The Pocket Radar provides unbiased biomechanical feedback of your performance to help build the muscle memory needed to succeed. Find the perfect balance between serve speeds to disrupt your opponent’s comfort zone.  By getting a feel for how fast you should swing racquet-head speed wise, you will be able to mix speeds throughout the match and keep your opponent off their game.

The Pocket Radar is accurate to +/- 1 MPH and will provide over 10,000 speed readings on a single set of AAA batteries (included).

Regularly priced at $199.99, enter promo code “TMHG” at store.pocketradar.com to receive a special Holiday Gift Guide 10 percent off discount.

For more information, visit www.pocketradar.com or e-mail info@pocketradar.com.


Why use ServeMaster?
Janko Tipsarevic, ATP world ranked player says: "Acing your opponent is the quickest & most intimidating way to win a point on the pro tour. Training with ServeMaster helps me maintain a dominant serve as my biggest weapon in the game.”

ServeMaster is a revolutionary new tennis tool developed primarily for mastering the serve and overhead shots. It acts as a completely flexible “racket” that gives immediate feedback on serve and stroke technique. It simply and easily teaches players of all levels efficient serve technique for power, spin and control. And best of all, ServeMaster can be used away from the court for extra practice.

How does it work?
It’s simple! Hold the Continental grip on the 3/8 grip provided and go slowly through your entire service motion. If you are able to keep the ServeMaster moving smoothly throughout the entire swing then you’re on the right track for good serve technique. Since it is completely flexible, flaws such as stops, erratic rhythm, inconsistent timing & poor technique will cause ServeMaster to “breakdown” and stop. With help of the online videos and instruction included, you’ll soon have a rhythmic and flowing service motion.

The ServeMaster is available in three sizes for adults to 10 & under players. Academy packages and pro discounts are available.

Get started today!
Start training with the ServeMaster to improve your serve and ultimately your game; or better yet give one to all your tennis friends this holiday season. The ServeMaster is the perfect gift for all tennis fanatics!


For 13 years, SmashGal has been selling ladies tennis apparel on its Web site, www.smashgal.com. Our skirts and tops are designed to flatter just about any body type.

We are known for our cute print skirts, which are available with or without built-in shorts. Our sleeveless and short-sleeve tops are available in a looser and a more fitted cut.  The tops coordinate with more than one skirt, so you can mix and match your outfits.

We are very popular with teams because our sizes run XS through 2X. Our clothes are in-stock and affordable, and our shipping is a flat $6.95 for online orders. Shop SmashGal.com today and you’ll be looking “smashing” on the court!


Pojie—Performance Extensions
Pojie performance extensions are proven to increase spin, improve control and simultaneously absorb impact for greater comfort. The Pojie’s are installed at the throat of the racquet and provide a larger sweet spot with more control and pop, and the lightweight design only adds 1.8 grams to your racquet!

If you are a …

►Competitive 4.5+ player, using full poly and/or a stiff racquet, complaining of a tender, tired arm?
►Senior player, top-10 in the state in your age division. Want to regain a little of the power you have lost over the years?
►Serious 4.0 player looking to increase your topspin. Taking lessons and have the right grips for spin, but want to get more?
►3.0–3.5 who plays five days a week in three different leagues. Tennis elbow forcing you to curtail your favorite activity?

Then $15.95 for Pojie maybe exactly what you need.

“The racquet is more forgiving. With Pojie, a ball hit slightly off center still goes where it should, without the device it would be a miss hit. There is definitely a ‘feel’ of more control,” said Carlos (tennis coach).

“Best of all, the reduction in impact has allowed me to play the entire year injury-free for the first time in 10 years. I have tendonitis in my elbow and shoulder. But since playing with this Pojie, I have none! I’m actually hitting first serves again,” said Michael (avid tennis player).

Use Promo Code “TENMAG” to receive FREE shipping when you buy two or more! For more information, visit www.pojieperformance.com or e-mail support@stringadvantage.com.


Tennis Balance Board
We hear it all the time ... the finest tennis players in the world are those who have great “balance.” However, it’s not as simple as looking at it as just “balance,” it’s a bit more complex than that.

As an expert in the field of physical therapy and sports biomechanics, David Lipetz, who serves as a consultant to the sports medicine division of the USA Olympic Committee, set out to develop a product that will have a profound effect on a tennis player’s balance by manipulating their central nervous system.

The Tennis Balance board, unlike other balance systems, will force the central nervous system to react specifically to the sport of tennis during the load phase of ground strokes. Once the athlete’s brain is able to “feel” the correct weight distribution through their foot, there will be an instantaneous mind body connection. Ultimately, the athlete will be able to transfer this feeling to on-court technique and notice a dramatic improvement in balance, thereby creating a more powerful, efficient stroke.

For those elite players, the Tennis Balance Board is the most effective strengthening tool available to them by utilizing single limb body weight exercises while on the board. This is truly the most sports-specific approach to training the lower extremity musculature for ground strokes.

The Tennis Balance Board is for every level player and is a training aid that no player should be without. For more information, visit www.tennisbalanceboard.com.


Tennis Elbow Grease
Do you have tennis elbow (scientifically referred to as epicondylitis), or carpal tunnel syndrome? Do you know anyone with tennis elbow? Now there is finally some relief for this debilitating problem. Recently introduced at the First Annual New York Tennis Expo at the USTA National Tennis Center in Flushing Meadows, N.Y., Tennis Elbow Grease is now available in retail stores across the country and online at www.eliminatetenniselbow.com. When applied to the affected area three times a day, pain relief can finally be experienced. 

Tennis Elbow Grease is formulated as a topical analgesic to address the symptoms of tennis elbow, as well as to aid in healing the long term underlying problems of arm and elbow pain. Utilizing a unique delivery system, the active ingredients in the TEG formula are distributed through the sub-dermal layers of the skin, where they can penetrate the affected muscles, tendons and skeletal areas. Essentially, the active ingredients in TEG target those areas in need of relief, ultimately reducing inflammation and pain. 

Unlike many other topical analgesics currently on the market, TEG incorporates a variety of ingredients that have been successfully proven to minimize or eliminate muscle, tendon and nerve pain. These include Glucosamine, MSM, Capsaicin, Hyaluronic Acid, Vitamin E, R-Alpha Lipoic Acid, Camphor, Menthol, Arnica and DMSO (to aid delivery and speed the healing process). Consequently, TEG eliminates the need to buy and use multiple, less effective products. It offers efficacy, convenience and cost savings.

Give Tennis Elbow Grease a try, or buy it for someone who is hoping to return to the tennis court sooner rather than later. Go to www.eliminatetenniselbow.com for more information and to shop now.


Tennis Inside the Zone-Mental Training Workouts for Champions! By Rob Polishook, MA, CPC
What if one book could change everything? It can! What if you could improve without picking up a racket? You can! What if your mental game was your best shot? Game. Changer!

Tennis Inside the Zone-Mental Training Workouts for Champions includes 32 unique and fun mental skill workouts. It is an interactive journaling workbook designed to help players gain the mental edge, often the difference between winning and losing.

Each workout includes quotes from the pros, key principals, mental training skills and strategy, and an experiential journal workout.

Have you ever asked yourself?

►How do I get the mental edge?

►Why can’t I play matches like practice?

►How can I play in the moment?

►How can I focus better on what matters?

►How can I let go of past mistakes and setbacks?

►How can I learn from a big match victory or loss?

If so … this book is for you! It was written for the competitive junior tennis player to provide answers and insights to real situations they encounter in competition. The book is also a must-read for adult weekend warriors, parents of players, and coaches who want to teach the mental game and are looking for rainy day chalk talk content.

To order the book or get more information about how to gain the mental edge, visit www.insidethezone.com or e-mail rob@insidethezone.


The Ace Bag
Most people probably don't think too hard about the bag they choose for their tennis gear. After all, an old backpack can do the job. But when you have a quality place to store all of your equipment, it really can improve your tennis experience. The Ace Tennis Bag is squarely aimed at recreational players and their unique needs. It aims to fill the gap between the large bulky 'professional' bags and, well, your old backpack. The Ace is versatile enough to keep all of your tennis equipment, as well as some personal preferences. It has six different pockets ranging in sizes and usage. We especially liked the 'quick' tech pocket for … you guessed it, your cell phone. It is smartly located on the carrying strap for quick and easy access.

In addition, we found the bag comfortable, and for the few hours on court, we could fit all we wanted comfortably (a couple of racquets, extra can of balls, energy drink, a wallet and more room to spare). Aner Fust, the owner and creator of the bag, told us that he designed the bag out of his personal frustration.

“I looked long for a bag for my needs, and could not find one,” said Fust. “Larger brands offered bags only for the pros. I'm not a pro, just a huge tennis fan who needed to carry my racket and a few extras.”

After spending a day with the Ace, we were pleased with it, and think the bag does fill a gap for club players. The company is currently running a holiday promotion for the bag: 10 percent off, a free can of balls and free shipping. Use Promo Code “Holidays13” at checkout. For more information, and to purchase the Ace visit www.acetennisbag.com.