| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff

Six American teams took part in the inaugural ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships, this past weekend in Antalya, Turkey. The 24 players were competing for six Cups in the senior equivalent of tennis’ Davis Cup and Fed Cup competitions. New Yorker Kline Sack was part of the Men’s 45 & Over team that finished in eighth place for the Dubler Cup, and fellow New Yorker Mutsumi Shirai finished in third place on the Women’s 40 & Over team at the Young Cup.

American teams were defending titles in the Margaret Court Cup (Women’s 45) for third consecutive year, and the Dubler Cup (Men’s 45) but failed in both divisions to retain them. The U.S. teams finished fourth and eighth respectively. The ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships is the highest-ranked event on the ITF Seniors Circuit for male and female players in the age categories of 35-45.

With the ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships complete, the World Individual Championships are currently taking place from March 16-29.

Below is a list of the top U.S. team results at the 2015 ITF Young Seniors World Team Championships:

Italia Cup—Men’s 35 & over (7th Place)
1.  Marcio Pepe, Laguna Hills, Calif.
2.  Stuart “Ross” Duncan, Laguna Beach, Calif. (Captain)
3.  Matthew Jacobs, Sarasota, Fla.
4.  Joshua Schofield, Collegeville, Pa.

Trabert Cup—Men’s 40 & over (11th Place)
1.    Joshua Osswald, Covington, Ky.
2.    Michael Chang, Anaheim, Calif. (Captain)
3.    Jared Jacobs, Scottsdale, Ariz.
4.    Chris Sanni, Ambler, Pa.

Dubler Cup—Men’s 45 & over (8th Place)
1.    Kamil Kuchta, Boynton Beach, Fla.
2.    Curtis Dunn, San Francisco, Calif. (Captain)
3.    Jeffrey Layman, Pittsburgh, Pa.
4.    Kline Sack, New York, N.Y.

Suzanne Lenglen Cup—Women’s 35 & over (6th Place)
1.    Meredith Walton, Humble, Texas
2.    Gee Gee Garvin, Carlsbad, Calif. (Captain)
3.    Katerina Stanford, Ponte Vedra Beach, Fla.
4.    Amanda Parson-Siegal, Henderson, Nev.

Young Cup—Women’s 40 & over (3rd Place)
1.    Debbie Spence-Nasim, Carlsbad, Calif.
2.    Simona Bruetting, Highlands Ranch, Colo. (Captain)
3.    Mutsumi Shirai, New York, N.Y.
4.    Tracie Curry, Ventura, Calif.

Margaret Court Cup—Women’s 45 & over (4th Place)
1.    Julie Cass, Austin, Texas
2.    Shelly Works, San Antonio, Texas (Captain)
3.    Vesna McKenna, Hollywood, Fla.
4.    Anna Zimmermann, Indianapolis, Ind.