| By Carl Barnett

Bob Litwin’s Live the Best Story of Your Life delivers great stories of change on so many levels. Bob’s ability to weed through peoples issues is truly remarkable. The clients make the changes, Bob is a true agent of change.

The thing to know is Bob wasn’t always a Zen tennis master and legendary champion. He struggled with his health and the tragic loss of his beloved wife Carol. Bob wasn’t always the soul whisperer to the titans of Wall Street. The book follows the story of Bob’s life from his failed tryout at University of Michigan, to his contemporary success helping countless clients and returning to championship form.

Bob shares his change of thinking and his new story which brought him success. He teaches you how to write the new stories of your life.

At the same time, the book recounts dozens of stories of change by clients in various stations of distress. These chapters serve as a self-help as readers can relate to many of the stories themselves. Parents, spouses, children and friends all can see hope for loved ones in distress.

The features I really enjoyed were the “Big But” and “Try This on for Size.” At the end of every chapter, the “Big But” gives the rationalization one has to talk themselves out of action. “Try This on for Size” overcomes your argument and nudges you back to positive action.

Bob’s early life as teacher and tennis coach led him to understand that teaching is also counseling and encouraging. This comes so naturally to Bob that one comes away from a chance meeting at the grocery store feeling fuller.

Who would have thought a tennis player would become a ground to those dealing with the success and stress of Wall Street. At the same time, Bob helps a top college runner and junior tennis player with the same care

I loved the way Bob framed every chapter with quotes from people we know from all walks of life with recognized success. His encouragement of writing “Gratitude’s” has been personally helpful. Reading this book will leave anyone with a great sense of hope that with a little bit of change everything will be alright.