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MatchPoint NYC hosted a Junior TeamTennis tournament at its facility over the weekend as some of New York City’s top youngsters came together for this team competition in the Green Dot Advanced Division.

The team match’s are broken into six different flights, four singles and two doubles, with the sets played to four games, and the team’s score determined by the cumulative games. The Match Point Flame defeated West Side Tennis Club 1 14-12, but lost to Metro 10U 20-14 in its two competitions.

Below are the results from the two team matches:

Match Point Flame 14, West Side Tennis Club 12


►Catherine Karman (MatchPoint) d. Prescott Robert Jain (West Side) 4-0

►Daniel Linev (West Side)  d. Lula Brown Vann (MatchPoint) 4-0

►Hannah Zubatyy (West Side) d. Max Drobnyk (MatchPoint) 4-0

►Ahniya Vustsina (MatchPoint) d. Lexia Goldberg Friedman (West Side) 4-0


►Uma Alany Pogrebivsky/Prescott Robert Jain (West Side) d. Stoney N. Cooks/Leena Friedman (MatchPoint) 4-2

►Nate Roberman/Catherine Karman (MatchPoint) d. Chase Thomas/Lana Andikyan (West Side) 4-0


Metro 10U 20, Match Point Flame 14


►Nate Roberman (MatchPoint) d. Summer Z. Chandler (Metro) 4-3

►Ahniya Vustsina (MatchPoint) d. Lara Afolayanka (Metro) 4-1

►Bassil Touban (Metro) d. Leena Friedman (MatchPoint) 4-3

►Avery Frekhtman (Metro) d. Stoney N. Cooks (MatchPoint) 4-2


►Lara Afolayanka/Summer Z Chandler (Metro) d. Nate Roberman/Aaron Nathan Cherny (West Side) 4-1

►Avery Frekhtman/Nathan Rosenstrach (Metro) d. Lula Brown Vann/Max Drobnyk (MatchPoint) 4-0

The Match Point Fire also split its two matches during the event, beating Tennis Innovators 20-15 but dropping a close 16-13 contest to Cunningham.

Match Point Fire 20, Tennis Innovators 15


►Andrew Lance Gordon (MatchPoint) d. Mateo Juan (Tennis Innovators) 4-0

►Dailan Hila (MatchPoint) d. Kai Collins (Tennis Innovators) 4-2

►Oskana Moulle-Berteaux (MatchPoint) d. Michael Kessler (Tennis Innovators) 4-3

►Ian Cheung (Tennis Innovators) d. Iliana Dearmas (MatchPoint) 4-2


►Kai Collins/Michael Kessler (Tennis Innovators) d. Lelolai Palmares Paulino-Dinzey/Oskana Moulle-Berteaux (MatchPoint) 4-2

►Dailan Hila/Andrew Lance Gordon (MatchPoint) d. Mateo Juan/Benjamin Goldfisher (Tennis Innovators) 4-2


Cunningham 16, Match Point Fire 13


►Ethan Solop (Cunningham) d. Andrew Lance Gordon (MatchPoint) 4-3

►Cyrus C. Chan (Cunningham) d. Dailan Hila (MatchPoint) 4-1

►Jadah Akilah Bentham (Cunningham) d. Lelolai Palmares Paulino-Dinzey (MatchPoint) 4-0

►Iliana Dearmas (MatchPoint) d. N/A       4-0 (default)


►Cyrus C. Chan/Ethan Solop (Cunningham) d. Alec Roberman/Oskana Moulle-Berteaux (MatchPoint) 4-1

►Andrew Lance Gordon/Dailan Hila (MatchPoint)  d. N/A 4-0 (default)


Former world number one Dinara Safina was on hand to take pictures and sign autoghraphs for the kids who participated in the tournament. 

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