| By Khrystsina Tryboi

We’ve all been waiting for summer, and now that it’s finally here, we can enjoy playing tennis outdoors! Many would argue that tennis is made to be played outdoors. However, playing outdoors has both its benefits and challenges. For instance, recreational and seasonal players are at a greater risk of dehydration and sunstroke when playing outdoors.

Dehydration is a key problem for seasonal and recreational players, so drink plenty of water before, during and after you’ve stepped onto the court. If you are planning to practice on a hot day, start drinking water the night before to make sure your body is well-hydrated and ready for a challenging day in the sun.

Consume high sodium foods and drinks since sodium is the major electrolyte lost in sweat, and it is directly related to the likelihood of cramping.

Because it’s much warmer on outdoor tennis courts than in a general environment, wear lightweight white tennis clothing and good tennis shoes. Choose tennis clothing made from fabrics that move moisture away from your skin and help keep you dry and cool.

Tennis courts radiate heat and send it back up through your feet. Make sure to have spare socks and flip-flops to change into after you are done training.

Apply SPF 50+ water-resistant suntan lotion and make sure to keep reapplying it, especially during a long training session.

Now that you are ready to train outside, put your favorite visor on, train hard and enjoy New York’s hot and (unfortunately) very short summer!