| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff

The ATP announced that it will try full electronic line-calling during the Next Gen Finals in November, using strictly technology and no linespeople on the court. 

“This could be a landmark moment for officiating,” said Gayle Bradshaw, ATP Vice President of Rules and Competition. “Our athletes deserve the best and most accurate officiating we can offer. The technology is now in a place where we feel comfortable trialing this new system in a real tournament environment.”                             

Under this system, the players will not be able to challenge calls but close calls will be shown on the big screen. Foot faults will be called by a review official off the court, and there will be a chair umpire.

Bradshaw said officials will be monitoring the system throughout the tournament and “assessing the merits.”

The Next Gen Finals, which are debuting this year, will take place from November 7-11, and is an eight-player draw featuring the top 21-and-under players on the ATP tour.