| By Scoop Malinowski
Photo Credit: Wikimedia Commons/François GOGLINS


Current Ranking:   No. 111

Ht:  6-3 Wt: 168

DOB: Jan. 27, 1993   In: New York, NY

First Tennis Memory:  My parents used to be members of a tennis club in Japan. They had clay courts. I started playing there. It's probably why I play the way I do.

Tennis Inspirations:  [Roger] Federer [smiles].

Last Book Read:  I never read books [smiles]. I think I read [John] McEnroe's autobiography.

Current Car:  I don't have a car.

First Famous Player You Met Or Encountered:  David Ferrer. I used to practice in Valenica, Spain. And he used to practice at the same place. So I was able to practice with him and meet him.

Greatest Career Moment:  It's either the Olympics or when I beat [Novak] Djokovic in Indian Wells.

Most Painful Moment:  Many weeks [chuckles]. Thirty weeks of the year are very painful [smiles].

Favorite Movies: Woody Allen movies.

Musical Tastes: Led Zeppelin.

Favorite Tournaments:  Indian Wells, U.S. Open, it just depends. If you win, it's a great tournament. If you don't, it's not, so it's hard to choose.

Closest Tennis Friends:  J.P. Smith, James McGee, Kei Nishikori, all the Japanese guys.

Funniest Players Encountered:  [Fabio] Fognini is pretty funny. He's a joker for sure.

Strangest Match:  There were many weird ones. Sometimes on the Futures Tour players try and cheat or something when there's no referees. Guys pretending they're injured or they're complaining at you because you took a timeout.

Favorite Sport Outside Tennis:  I don't follow any sports but I like playing table tennis. I'm pretty good at it [smiles].

Three Athletes You Like To Watch & Follow:  Michael Jordan - but he's already done. Marshawn Lynch - that's like the only American Football player I like. What else? ... Cristiano Ronaldo.

Funny Tennis Memory:  I can laugh about it now. I had a car accident in China when I was riding a taxi on the way to the airport. And I almost missed my flight. That was pretty funny when I think about it now.

Best I Ever Felt On Court:  The best I ever played was maybe half of the match against [Rafael] Nadal at the U.S. Open in September when I was a set and a break up.

Favorite Ice Cream Flavor: It's quality not the flavor [chuckles].

Why Do You Love Playing Tennis:  It's the only thing I've known. I can't explain why. I guess if I see it from a further perspective, it's a very unique career to have. You're traveling around the world almost every week playing tournaments and you're fit. Seemingly living a nice life. So it's tough but it's also rewarding.

People Qualities Most Admired:  I like people who are truthful. They're not afraid to say what they believe in without being disrespectful. That balance is very important I think.

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