| By Steven Kaplan

Imaging playing great to get to the finals of the biggest stage in tennis. Here is your chance for immortality, your shot at striking out Babe Ruth or slamming on Michael Jordan and you get flattened over by a runaway freight train. You might just cry.

Marin Cilic did and who can blame him? The train's name was Roger Federer and he made no stops to lose a set all tournament on his way to winning his record-breaking eighth Wimbledon Gentlemen's Singles Title and record-breaking 19th Grand Slam. Federer played what seemed like effortless tennis in that he was so good that he didn't look great, he just made greatness look easy.

Just a month shy of his 36th birthday, can we say that who knows how good this guy will be when he matures? Just six months ago, most experts felt Fed locked down the title of GOAT (Greatest of all Time) in men's tennis. After this magical run, how about considering Roger for the title of GOAT for any Male athlete in any sport?