| By Steven Kaplan

Maria Sharapova is back and better than ever. She is practically unstoppable. With this year's U.S. Open behind us, it's now time for the "Maria Sharapova Image Rehabilitation Tour." Maria has a tell-all, say-nothing book about the profound difficulties of being a beautiful, wealthy, incredibly successful tennis star who was rightfully convicted of cheating.

The media is just eating up Maria's press releases. Here are three headlines from today:

Forbes: Maria Sharapova—How This Immigrant Became a Global Tennis Star

Tennis Magazine: Maria Sharapova's Compatriots Have Stood by Her Side for a Reason

NBC: Maria Sharapova Reveals the Tears That Changed Her Relationship With Serena Williams Forever

Image the positive press she would be getting if she wasn't aloof and inaccessible to the press for most of her career, and she didn't get convicted for taking a banned substance which is a performance-enhancing heart medication for a heart condition she doesn't have?

With sincere apologies to Rodgers and Hammerstein, "How do you solve a problem like Maria(s)?”

Go on a well-timed, carefully planned book tour!