| By Steven Kaplan

How would the best male tennis player do against the best female tennis player? The man would win.

What if the man were pregnant and the woman had the superpowers of Jessica Jones? The woman would win.

What if the man were ranked better than 700th in the world and he played Serena Williams?

The man would win, according to John McEnroe in his new book.

Serena tweeted John words to the effect that he should stop his "Non-fact-based talk, especially because she is pregnant."

Lebron vs. Michael, Brady vs. Montana, Mantle vs. Mays.

Such "What If” talk about sports is as old as sports itself and being pregnant doesn't get you a pass. Serena is a public figure who actively seeks endorsements. She doesn't get the luxury of picking and choosing how, when and who talks about her.

Let's not forget, it was "What If" talk that precipitated The Battle of the Sexes match between Billie Jean King and Bobby Riggs that changed the role of women in sports forever.