Lisa Dodson
The main objectives of playing the net in doubles is to be helpful to your partner, be a threat to the opponent and to finish points. But it can also turn into something else: YOU being a target. Getting hit at the net or being attacked by the opponent can be dangerous and a real problem. Sometimes...Read more
Chris Lewit
At the most recent PTR International Symposium for coaches, featuring more than 600 coaches from around the world, I was a presenter on the topic of Spanish exercises and principles. One of the main points of the presentation was the importance of footwork and movement training in the Spanish...Read more
Steven Kaplan
Finding the right school to play college tennis is intimidating and scary, with many unexpected twists and turns. Coaches negotiate deals with recruits for a living, players and their families do not … advantage: Coaches. I's not easy to get past the superficial, as my longtime student and friend...Read more
Todd Widom
I find it quite amusing when I attend junior tennis tournaments and see the teenagers huddled around either socializing or trying to snap a photo for social media. Then, suddenly their name is called and they need to rush to the court to play a match. They may win or lose, but if they do not...Read more
Rahul V. Pawar M.D.
The final matches of the Orange Ball Box league during the spring of 2017 were critical. After five consecutive months of weekly matches hosted and organized by Center Court Tennis Academy in Chatham, NJ, the point spread between the top performers was marginal. My son, Rafael, was the youngest...Read more
Todd Widom
Many people have their opinions of how someone became so good on the ATP Tour and then there are those who played and saw the progression of how someone became such a great tennis player. I am not sure if I was fortunate or unfortunate to have played Kevin Anderson five times on the ATP Tour. I was...Read more
Damir Barisic
There are several important factors that contribute to match performance of a tennis player, including: Physical, Psychological, Technical and Tactical (management of skills or decision-making), respectively. Although these different factors all together contribute to a tennis player’s match...Read more
Lisa Dodson
Hurry! Turn! Move your feet! Watch the ball! Hit up! These are catch phrases that so many instructors use that are really meaningless without explanation. Yet they are yelled across the court everywhere as though repeating them over and over will do the trick. Then, we have an overload of online...Read more
Lonnie Mitchel
On a flight returning from Portugal this past June, I was with 24 varsity collegiate players from the Oneonta State Tennis program. I had eight hours with my thoughts on a transatlantic journey from Lisbon to New York. We were fortunate enough to have the opportunity to play some team exhibitions...Read more
Chris Lewit
Tennis prodigies—gifted and precocious players—are rare, but very special. I have had the good fortune of working with many young players whom I would consider to have been tennis prodigies and they exhibit certain traits that all players, coaches and parents can learn from. Maturity and emotional...Read more