Rob Polishook
“Why do I play better in practice than in matches?” It’s probably the second-most popular question I hear from players, exceeded only by some variation of “OMG, I’m nervous, what do I do?” Sometimes, this question comes out as a defiant statement, where the player stubbornly says, “If I played like...Read more
Luke Jensen
Hitting cross-court or down the line is always the big question for any player at any level. The cross-court shot is the high percentage shot over the low part of the net, while down the line is the lower percentage shot because it is over the high part of the net. There is a tactical side of both...Read more
Alex Vayner
As a New York City tennis player, you probably never get as much court time as you would like to prepare for your league or tournament matches. When you lose a match, especially a close one, you just know that you could have prepared and played better. Sound familiar? We have all been there and our...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
SUNY Oneonta Director of Athletics Tracey Ranieri has announced that Long Island native Lonnie Mitchel has been selected as the interim tennis coach effective immediately. Mitchel replaces Bill May, who resigned earlier this month to take the head coaching position for men and women's tennis at...Read more
Barbara Ordes
Cardio Tennis is fun, fast and affordable! I love seeing the same people, week after week, improve their quickness, reaction time and tennis skills with just an hour workout that is way more exciting than another trip to the gym. A challenging cardio workout for tennis focuses on specific footwork...Read more
Ajay Kumar
How does one determine that a player is developing or has developed? Most touring pros and instructors use a marker—wins or losses. Is that all there is to development? Wins and losses? Shouldn’t there be an easier way? Shouldn’t there be a better way to evaluate or understand the idea of...Read more
Eric Faro
Burnout in tennis is an everyday occurrence. The game can become such a physical and mental grind, and it can really take a toll on your mind and body. Players often push themselves to the point of exhaustion that they no longer enjoy playing the game. There are a few key things that you can do to...Read more
Stanley Popovich
Sometimes, fear and anxiety can get the best of us in tennis. The key is to know how to manage that fear and anxiety. As a result, here is a brief list of techniques that a tennis athlete can use to help manage their fears and every day anxieties. Occasionally, you may become stressed when you have...Read more
Michael Sarro
It's not every day when a junior tennis player has the opportunity to meet and learn from a former top 10 ATP Tour player. But on Jan. 22, City Parks Foundation tennis players had the opportunity to receive on-court training from Tim Mayotte, former number seven-ranked singles player in the world...Read more
Rob Polishook
How many times have you found yourself in a match in which you were just a few points or games from winning? Maybe the score was 6-3, 5-2, and you began to think, “This is great. I’m going to be the champion!” or, “Only four more points and the trophy’s mine!” or even, “My friends are going to...Read more