Bill Longua
The forehand, for most players, is the more confident shot when talking about the forehand and backhand. It is normally more of a weapon in matches, and generally thought of as the easier shot. However, I beg to differ on the easier shot part of that statement. When you look at the form of both...Read more
Chris Lewit
Spain currently has 14 players in the ATP top 100, quite a feat for a relatively small country. Players and parents often ask me: What have the Spanish been doing so well in the last 20 or 30 years to produce so many world-class players? What are the secrets to their success? Over the last six...Read more
Cliff Drysdale
One of my greatest joys is to see how tennis rapidly becomes a lifestyle in and of itself for so many enthusiasts; young and old, beginner to competitor. There truly is no better choice for a healthy, fit and fun lifestyle! That being said, the evolution of the game and its perception is vital to...Read more
Richard Thater
Coaches have been forever telling students to stay out of No Man’s Land (NML). On a tennis court, NML is roughly that area one yard in front of the baseline to one yard behind the service line. During the First World War, the phrase gained currency by describing the territory between the trenches...Read more
Steven Kaplan
Most serious young tournament tennis players from the local area aspire to transition from the junior ranks to college tennis. A college education is not the best path for every young person or every young tennis player, however, and some of the greatest tennis players of all time opted to skip...Read more
Rob Polishook
All competitive players recognize negative self-thoughts. It starts with that devilish little voice in our head which raises doubts, fear and questions about our ability to perform. The little voice usually comes during the most pressure-packed times in a match. It’s that voice that says, “I suck!...Read more
Lisa Dodson
I just returned from a great “teaching vacation” in Mexico with a large group of players, some whom I have known and worked with for many years. I always learn a lot every time I walk onto the court to teach, but this time was really striking. These people really love to play tennis … I mean really...Read more
Bill Longua
Proper footwork moving toward oncoming shots is essential for balance and power in the sport of tennis. But it is the movement between your shots that is just as important to allow you the quickest response for the next shot. If you hit a shot and remain flat-footed, that full second to restart...Read more
Lonnie Mitchel
Discover, develop and dedicate! How about completive excellence, having a player who will be a four-year impact player and maintain a GPA above the student body average? Do these attributes resonate with you at all? I should hope so as these are fantastic qualities when reinforced throughout the...Read more
Dr. Dan Schaefer
Well here we go! Last month, we looked at an extensive “ Wish List ” developed by professional athletes to narrow their focus. Knowing what you want is the first step to getting it. The CLICK! System defies conventional wisdom in supporting you to establish your target and greet the skepticism that...Read more