Xavier Luna
Fear. It’s a noun—an unpleasant emotion created by the belief something is dangerous or likely to cause pain—and a verb. We “fear” the unknown, danger, failure and more. No matter how you define it, one thing is certain. When it comes to tennis, fear is never helpful to a player's game. In tennis,...Read more
Rob Polishook
Imagine this … you are playing in front of 200 spectators, grinding it out on the hard courts under the hot sun. The first set you’ve won 7-5. Then, in a tight second set, you narrowly lose 6-7 and that was after holding two match points! You are now in the third set tie-breaker and the score is 5-...Read more
Luke Jensen
As we head into another year of opportunity, a proper mind set is critical towards your enjoyment and improvement in our great game of tennis. I would really like to stress having a plan towards your tennis. If you are a competitive player at any level, you will know what parts of your game are...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
On Feb. 1-2, Centercourt will be offering two junior clinics with world renowned coach Chuck Kriese. For the past three decades, Coach Kriese has guided young players towards great, successful tennis careers. As a collegiate tennis coach, Coach Kriese is one of winningest coaches in college tennis...Read more
Richard Thater
Do you make a distinction between your tennis partners and opponents? Are you happy with your choices? Many recreational players find themselves on court with people who are available at a given time on a given day. So, in essence, your personal schedule determines whom you play with. But a little...Read more
Carl Thorsen
As a High Performance coach, I have had many discussions and have heard many opinions about what makes for a good practice partner. Some people just like to see a solid ball over and over so they can catch their rhythm, while others like to be pushed around by a stronger player because they like...Read more
Dr. Dan Schaefer
It’s all about how you use your mind to achieve the results you want or how you unknowingly allow your mind to get in your own way. I asked my clients to create a Wish List of things that could improve achievement at their highest level and the list below contains some of the items that came up...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
The New York metro tennis community has some of the sport’s best facilities, both indoor and outdoor, and best coaches in the world. With this wealth of talent available right in our own backyard, New York Tennis Magazine recently took the opportunity to pick the brains of some of these top coaches...Read more
Miguel Cervantes III
The positive growth of tennis in America requires the community to engage in mentorship at every level of the game. Whether as a coach, a meet up group, a player or parent, mentorship can make a huge difference not just in the rate of growth of our sport, but more importantly, the positive growth...Read more
Gilad Bloom
When I was a pro player on the Tour in the 1980s and 1990s, I used to plan my yearly tournament schedule generally a year in advance. When you are young, you just want to play and compete. Things like burnout or overload never enter your mind, but that is when the coach should step in and properly...Read more