Steve Annacone
My tip this week is about simplifying the sport of tennis. We all know how complicated things can get on the court. You are dealing with the opponent, the conditions, and most importantly, yourself. I have several ideas that I believe will make tennis easier for you. First, always be ready and...Read more
Shenay Perry
Every young tennis player has a vision of joining the professional tour, but achieving that dream is an entirely different thing. For the 10 years that I was on the WTA Tour, I was living that dream. I learned many important life lessons on the tour, but the two that stuck with me the most are...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
The local tennis community boasts some of the top coaches in the world, and with this wealth of talent available, New York Tennis Magazine took the opportunity to pick the brains of some of these coaches. These coaches share their thoughts on a wide variety of tennis topics and issues, ranging from...Read more
Steve Annacone
Tennis players all have certain tendencies. In other words, each of us have certain shots that we feel more comfortable hitting in a specific direction. Many servers like to serve out wide and some like to serve down the "T". Serving into the returner's body is another popular placement. The same...Read more
Steve Annacone
Confidence is a very important part of a good player's "toolbox". When the point gets long, the game is tight, or the match is on the line, confidence can be the difference in a player's ability to execute the shot or play the point well. The problem is that confidence comes from having success. In...Read more
Gilad Bloom
As a young sports fanatic, I used to play all sports that were available. In those days (the 1970s), there was no Internet and in Israel, barely any television, so it was either sports or other hobbies (for the rainy days) that filled my day. But since there is hardly any rain in Tel Aviv, it was...Read more
Steve Annacone
If you are a competitive tennis player, you want to win. The problem is, so does your opponent. In fact, everyone wants to win. The best way to give yourself a great shot at winning is to focus on what you need to do on the way to the desired outcome. This is the definition of focusing on the...Read more
Steven Kaplan
A widely circulating news story and USTA post reveals that a teacher once told U.S. Open Women's Singles finalist Leylah Fernandez to quit tennis and focus on school because she would never make it. Fernandez used this teacher’s skepticism as rocket- fueled inspiration to drive herself to succeed...Read more
Jeremy Schmitter
Tennis is a game of facing constantly evolving challenges and attempting to find an answer that can allow you to overcome them. Fortunately, we live in an amazing era, filled with a vast wealth of knowledge on almost any topic we can imagine, as well as the ability to access much of that...Read more
Steve Annacone
Since the game of tennis has gotten faster and faster, it often feels like you are hitting from an off balanced position. Whenever there is time, try to synchronize your last step with the ball contacting your strings. This means getting your foot to hit the ground as close as possible to the ball...Read more