Gilad Bloom
Tennis is often referred to as a "mental sport.” It is true, of course, but what really makes it such a challenging and unique sport? Apart from the obvious of tennis being an individual sport and no coaching is allowed, it is a sport that constantly tests your nerves, week-in, week-out, and it is...Read more
Ajay Kumar
Verbal Kint was the man! Sorry for those who haven’t seen this classic, The Usual Suspects, but this movie was an instant classic in my humble opinion! Every time I watch that flick, I get a kick out of it. (Spoiler alert: Seeing and understanding how Verbal takes the little details and creates a...Read more
Miguel Cervantes III
I have been playing in USTA Adult Leagues for about seven years now, and not one season has passed where I can avoid an overwhelming amount of animosity at the age difference between myself and some of my opponents. This experience is not just an isolated one, but one that is common both inside and...Read more
Bill Longua
There are many facets to hitting a solid ground stroke, but if you key in on four simple areas, your shots will improve. Movement is number one. Tennis is a sport that requires quick feet. The stroke is dependent on the fact that you are in the right spot to hit the ball. Moving the feet side to...Read more
Steven Kaplan
Professional coaches are receptive students and as eager to receive information, critique and criticism as they are to give it. They think independently, solve problems creatively, and assimilate and integrate information into a message that works best for each student. Great coaches are constantly...Read more
Michael Misiti
When your son or daughter catches the tennis bug and has a little talent to match, it could be very overwhelming when figuring out what academy to join or what coach to train with privately. Parents often make quick decisions based on unnecessary facts. In today’s very competitive business...Read more
Rob Polishook
Ask any athlete how important the mental game is and most would say it’s between 50 percent and 99 percent of competition. In individual sports like golf, running, swimming and tennis, the value always pushes the higher limits. In team sports like baseball, basketball, lacrosse and football, it has...Read more
Miguel Cervantes III
With the playoffs of the adult USTA Leagues approaching, it seems an appropriate time to ask ourselves, how we practice to maximize success. The people who play in the leagues are folks with jobs, families and other responsibilities. If time allows, they will practice and work on their game, but...Read more
Daniel Kresh
We live in a world where resources are limited and people are increasingly trying to find ways to squeeze more out of less. In a tennis match, there are a multitude of opportunities to extend rallies, points, games and sets to get as much as you can out of your time on court. Just like the "green...Read more
Gilad Bloom
Any coach who teaches mostly junior players has had to deal with the parents of their students. It is a delicate job that requires a lot of psychology. As a parent myself, I know that when it comes to our kids, we all get a bit emotional and our judgment is sometimes clouded. When I talk to the...Read more