Eric Faro
Every time you step onto the tennis court, you should learn something. Whether you are playing in the finals of a national tournament, or working on your slice serve out wide, you should have an objective as to what you are doing and be working on improving your game. Often when I ask players how...Read more
Rob Polishook
We have all heard people say, “She played out of her mind!” referring to someone who played exceptionally well and beyond expectations. As an athlete, have you ever performed out of your mind? Either pitching to perfection, running like the wind or serving lights out? Maybe there is more to this “...Read more
Richard Thater
Monumental! Revolutionary! These are two of the powerful words used by tennis industry leaders to describe 10 & Under Tennis. Although QuickStart equipment is foundational when teaching tennis to children—smaller courts and racquets, softer, slower balls—remember that Lance Armstrong said the...Read more
Luke Jensen
For any tennis player in the United States, the U.S. Open is the Mac Daddy of everything tennis … it is the biggest tournament in the world. This event has the biggest monetary prize to win; it is played in the biggest tennis stadium in the world and is played in the greatest city in the world …...Read more
Fritz Buehning
Are we overloading our kids with too much sports-specific training at too young of an age? Why is a guy who is passionate about tennis and in the tennis business talking about cross-training? Because it’s summer! School is out and that means tennis camp for many. But, what is the right amount of...Read more
Eric Faro
Not a day goes by that I don't hear the same thing … I am a slow starter in tournaments; what can I do to change this? When I hear this question, there are three things that I tell everyone … The first step to changing and elevating your game is changing the mentality you start your match with...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
The Ross School Tennis Center in East Hampton, N.Y. recently hosted a Tennis Family Weekend with tennis great, Patrick McEnroe. The weekend kicked off with a dinner at Race Lane Restaurant, honoring grandparents and special friends. Cocktails, dinner, dessert and a student art auction were all part...Read more
Ajay Kumar
The sport of tennis has evolved. The days of pure serve-and-volleyers, or pure baseliners, are diminishing. However, tennis players are thinking differently and have become all-court players—executing a variety of strokes in any given match regardless of the surface. It is rare to see players of...Read more
Luke Jensen
If you play tennis to win, there is not a level of play that does not involve pressure. In tennis, someone will win and someone will lose. As a player, I felt my best when something was on the line. Money, trophies … pride! I liked playing tons of sets and if that was not an option, then tons of...Read more
Rob Polishook
Many of us probably know the suffix “-logy” means “the study of.” For example, astrology is the study of stars, neurology is the study of the nervous system, and ideology is the study of ideas. So, what does this have to do with sports? I would like to introduce a new “-logy” into the world, one...Read more