Bill Longua
You have heard it before, “Don’t swing at your volley!” or “Punch the volley!” or “Just block it!” and so on. If you are hoping that I am going to tell you something different … sorry, but here are three tips that will help you if you have a tendency to swing too much. First, “catch your volley” …...Read more
Eric Faro
What really does go on inside the mind of a junior tennis player before a tournament? This is something that every coach and parent wonders. I decided to interview three up-and-coming players at Gotham Tennis Academy to find out. The juniors I interviewed included, Jordan Jordan (14s), Zachary Lieb...Read more
Rob Polishook
In today’s day and age, most people have a Global Positioning System (GPS) in their car. Certainly this device has made it easier to reach your destination. All that is necessary is to input the destination and “voila” … the GPS tells you where to go. There need be little awareness of where you...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Tennis Channel has named the five male and five female finalists in its inaugural America's Hottest Coach contest. Now it is up to online voters to determine the winners. Visitors to Tennis Channel's Web site can read about the 10 finalists and vote for the male and female coaches that they think...Read more
Miguel Cervantes III
In many games, athletic and otherwise, patterns tend to surface. Recognizing these patterns can be used to your benefit. By recognizing patterns that arise, you will be able to respond more quickly. Not only will you be able to respond more quickly, but you will also be able to implement these...Read more
Lisa Dodson
In 2011 and the first few months of 2012, I have traveled all over the country talking with pros, visiting tennis clubs, facilities and academies in order to observe and talk with pros about serve techniques. There are many thoughts about how to best achieve a great serve and many personal opinions...Read more
Lonnie Mitchel
April 15th marked the 100th anniversary of the sinking of the Titanic during its Transatlantic maiden voyage. On that night in 1912, the perceived greatest of passenger liners sank into the North Atlantic, and with it, more than 1,500 lives perished. It was the largest catastrophe of its day. Its...Read more
Eric Faro
To become a successful tennis player you must avoid the pitfalls. There are four sins that I stress to students at Gotham Tennis Academy. I. Don’t be obsessed with winning It is a huge mistake to emphasize winning rather than improving. Every time you step on to the court, you want to get better...Read more
Butch Seewagen
Tennis is the sport for a lifetime. Unlike many sports, tennis is a “carry over” sport, meaning it can be enjoyed from childhood through adulthood. It is a sport that when played proficiently, provides the cardiovascular aerobic exercise needed for a healthy life, while developing character,...Read more
Richard Thater
New York tennis teaching professional Ron Rebhuhn was recently elected to the USTA Eastern Tennis Hall of Fame. I met with him this month at his home in Westbury, N.Y. Ron directs 14 USTA-sanctioned senior tournaments each year at Jericho-Westbury Indoor Tennis in the winter on Long Island, and at...Read more