Danny Ostrometsky
A child’s experiences in the world of sports early on plays a very important role in their lives. Positive experiences can establish a solid foundation of love and appreciation for athletic activity, while negative experiences can foster resentment for a particular sport and an avoidance of future...Read more
It seems that since the dawn of tennis, there has been a debate about where players should position themselves on the court and the type of style to adopt.
Chris Lewit
It seems that since the dawn of tennis, there has been a debate about where players should position themselves on the court and the type of style to adopt. Should players rush the net or grind from the baseline? Should they hug the baseline to be aggressive or hang back to improve their defense?...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
More than one hundred tennis players entering their sophomore, junior or senior years of high school descended onto Sportime Randall’s Island to be a part of the third annual John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) College Recruiting Combine. The event gives prospects the opportunity to be in front of...Read more
Geoff Grant
Our world feels increasingly complex, unpredictable and scary. Some studies claim that extreme interconnectivity through social media, technological advancements and instant gratification are detrimental to the mental and emotional health of children. As a result, parents look to tennis for answers...Read more
Gilad Bloom
In any player's life, there are defining moments. These moments can take place while playing a match, while watching someone else play, or simply by having a conversation. When looking back at my 42 years in this game as a player and a coach, I can single out a few events that had a lasting effect...Read more
Rob Polishook
Think back to the last Grand Slam final you saw … the winner and runner-up always raise the microphone and shout out to their team, thanking them for their unwavering support. In order for any athlete to reach the highest level of performance, there are underlying principals which can serve as a...Read more
Lisa Dodson
Competitive players often find that they cannot maintain consistent play, focus and a strong positive attitude during matches. Let’s consider a “Competitive Player” as one who, at any level, plays matches that are important to them. We would expect a higher-level player to be more evolved and a...Read more
Luke Jensen
I was thinking about all of you who follow this column and have been extremely loyal after all these years. I was thinking about your tennis … your wins, your losses, while looking ahead to see what is next. It came to me to ask you … Are you improving? Do you feel that all of this time on the...Read more
Lonnie Mitchel
Coming back from our first men’s tennis match with a win in tow in the van back to Oneonta, N.Y., with the players asleep in the back, is some of the best time for me to gather my thoughts. I comprised our efforts and appreciated their win almost as much as they did. I knew the hard work that...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Oftentimes, the most difficult opponent to face during a tennis match can be yourself. Tennis is one of the most challenging sports from a mental and emotional standpoint as you are often out there on court all by yourself. Long Island Tennis Magazine discussed a number of common scenarios with...Read more