Mike Puc
With 25 teams competing in nine different leagues at my local club, it seems like there is always a match to play. Playing in a game to prepare for a match and then playing in a match may improve your match play, but it is a difficult scenario to add new shots to your repertoire. Even clinics,...Read more
Gino Fava
The underhand serve , if executed properly, will get people out of their seats, up off the couch, and add tremendous excitement to the sport of tennis. Like the behind the back pass in hockey, or the alley-oop dunk in basketball, the scissor kick over the shoulder in soccer, these are exciting...Read more
Conrad Singh
The development of high-performance anticipatory skills in tennis is one of the key components to a player who has more proficient decision-making skills in a competitive situation. Anticipation can be defined as “The ability to predict or make an educated guess based on various cues and on the...Read more
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Eric Faro
Not a day goes by that I don't hear the same thing … I am a slow starter in tournaments. What can I do to change this? When I hear this question, there are three things that I tell everyone … The first step to changing and elevating your game is changing the mentality you start your match with...Read more
Xavier Luna
When it comes to any sport, let alone tennis, practice is key. You have to put in your hours on the court, take constructive advice from your coaches, work to sharpen your strengths and hone your weaknesses. But are you going to be the type of player to just like the game, or do you want to love...Read more
Liam Gough
Grass is a fun surface where your great shorts will be made to look even greater! Great serves will turn in to aces; powerful shots will be tougher to get back turning in to winners! However, if you go on grass trying to play how you do on clay it simply won’t work! You need to embrace the surface...Read more
Joao Pinho
As coaches and teaching professionals, we are constantly trying to help our players develop good habits, but how often do we look at our own habits as teachers? This article will portray simple actions and behaviors that can make us better professionals. On-court teaching As someone who spends most...Read more
Brian Coleman
In the heart of the Bronx, N.Y. sits one of sport’s most revered cathedrals in Yankee Stadium, home of the New York Yankees. But just minutes down the road, by foot, lies another facility that is at the heart of sports in New York City, Stadium Tennis Center. For years, Gotham Tennis Academy at...Read more
Roger Turner
“Look at my girl. She’s going to be the next Serena Williams.” This is a phrase I heard from a parent greeting their daughter whose just completed a group Red Ball tennis session. Part of me (most of me) thinks it’s endearing that this parent thinks so highly of their child. The other part says, “...Read more
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Harvey Becker
When you play only once or twice a week in a friendly (or unfriendly) doubles or singles match, it is hard to make big changes without constant practice. So here are a few fixes for you without having to make big changes to your game. Having coached all levels and ages for more than 25 years, here...Read more