Brian Coleman
The majority of our area’s top tennis coaches and program directors are tennis lifers who picked the game up at a young age and took to it right away. That isn’t exactly the case for Manhattan Tennis Academy’s Executive Director John Curtis. “I grew up as a baseball player, which wasn’t too far of...Read more
Rob Polishook
We all saw Roger Federer win yet another Grand Slam victory, totaling 19, undoubtedly making a strong case for being the GOAT … Greatest Of All-Time. However, that’s not the purpose of this article. Let’s leave that debate to others and bring our focus to the story behind the story. What is Roger’s...Read more
Luke Jensen
As we shut down a glorious summer of tennis and look forward to a great fall going into winter, I am just floored by the work done on the pro tour by the veterans who continue to amaze. When I played on the pro tour, players in their 30s were a rarity. Johnny Mac, Jimmy Connors and Martina...Read more
Steve Annacone
I started playing tennis when I was 10-years-old. My brother Paul and I would go with our parents to the park in Sag Harbor and eventually, we decided to go out and try to hit some balls. We pretty much picked it up right away and became regular hitting partners for the next 20 years. Paul became a...Read more
Steven Kaplan
I don't travel to tournaments as much as I used to earlier in my career, but I decided to journey with a terrific student to Virginia Beach to the Girls’ 16 Clay Court Super Nationals this past July. I was expecting the worst, but was pleasantly surprised at the performances of these top girls...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Emilio Sanchez, the three-time Grand Slam doubles champion and CEO and Founder of Academia Sanchez-Casal, hosted clinics over the course of two-days for both junior and adult players at the Riverdale Tennis Center in the Bronx. “It was a great experience to coach this group of talented players at...Read more
Philip Feingold
Motor reaction is a response to a sudden signal with particular movements or actions. There are two types of reaction time: Sensory stimuli and reaction time of mental processes. But, as it can be not only one but several simultaneous or successive stimuli, and, therefore, one or more possible...Read more
Philip Feingold
Do you recognize yourself in any of these people? 1. A professional tennis player who spends 20 minutes or more every day in front of a mirror to perfect their forehand. 2. A weekend player who always has a video camera on hand to record their tennis strokes. 3. A tennis player who never loses a...Read more
Shakim Sadler
Whether you are a pro athlete, youth athlete or work in an office, something drives you to do your best. What is that motivational factor? For a pro athlete, it could be winning a tournament/championship and being recognized as the best. For a youth athlete, it could be winning a trophy and making...Read more
Brian Coleman
Future Stars Camps are in their 37th year of providing specialized camp experiences throughout Westchester, Manhattan and Long Island. Co-founded by Charlie VanDercook in 1980, the program’s tennis camps have become some of the most successful in the Tri-State area. Pablo Montesi serves as Vice...Read more