Anne Olaya
We’re always saying that kids grow up way too fast. Why should we let that happen on the tennis court as well? Other sports have successfully incorporated smaller- scale versions for years; why notextend that to tennis? Hear me out! Most of us crawled before we stood, stood before we walked, walked...Read more
Steve Annacone
There are many things to think about during a match. If you can create some good habits with the small things you are doing, the rest of your focus can be on the "difference makers" in the match. First, always call the score out prior to serving. Make sure your opponent hears you and remember to...Read more
Steve Annacone
I'm giving Paul Annacone credit for this. I've heard him state numerous times that a player should "hit the ball aggressively to a big target". This is a much underused strategy and one that can be extremely effective. Many players have shots with a lot of power and/or depth, and that itself is...Read more
Mike Puc
Are your best shots failing you in a match? It may be time to change tactics. Strategy and tactics go hand in hand when winning a tennis match. Strategy is an overall plan to achieve your goal, while tactics are the actions that implement the strategy. When your best efforts to win a match fail, it...Read more
Conrad Singh
At the highest levels of competitive tennis, it can be very hard to know who is winning or losing at first glance. One of the key concepts of understanding the inner game of tennis is that of momentum development. The key questions are: 1. How do you start building momentum … what do you do to get...Read more
Steve Annacone
This seems like a minor detail, but it’s very important and can make or break your next shot. Many players do not assume the correct ready position when they are waiting to hit the ball. The racquet should be directly in front of you with the racquet head above the height of your hands. If you have...Read more
Chris Lewit
It can be very frustrating for parents when their kid’s technique is poor or the player is struggling to make and retain important technical changes. More often than not, the failure is due to either the fault of the coach, player, or parent—or a combination of the three. Over the last 20 years...Read more
Steve Annacone
I have often stated how difficult competitive tennis is. There are so many different aspects for a player to focus on. Basically, tennis is a game of repetition. Players are trying to produce shots that are effective, and then, repeat them over and over. As players get better, the opponent often...Read more
Saul Salazar
It’s easy to think that we only use the slice when we are in trouble, overrunning, or in a defensive situation. However, in reality, if we know when and how to use it, the slice can become an excellent tool and great weapon for your game. When and How To Use the Slice? As a return of serve We can...Read more
Steve Annacone
A tennis match can be a rollercoaster ride. Players have moments when they feel everything is going right, and shortly thereafter, everything can go wrong. It can change again and again. Being on the brink of winning the match is not an easy situation. If the player is any good at all and they are...Read more