Luke Jensen
Tennis stars … the cold months are upon us and it is time to make sure our tennis skills don’t go into a deep freeze. I always found cold conditions to be an advantage for me when I walked onto the court. I grew up in a small town in Michigan. With no indoor tennis opportunities near me, most of...Read more
Brian Coleman
Soccer is widely known as the global game, a sport that spans nearly every country on Earth and is, by and large, the most popular. But few other sports match the international flavor and global reach like tennis does. It features players, coaches and fans from all walks of life, and great things...Read more
Michael Smookler
It’s at that moment you realize your opponent looks strange. The ball isn’t bouncing the right way. You say, “Oh, they’re a lefty.” Speaking from the lefty’s point of view, the most important tactic is to get off to a quick start. The lack of awareness from your opponent is an advantage you should...Read more
Mike Puc
Team tennis is a huge piece of the success of a tennis program offering a competitive platform for completion and camaraderie. At Gleneagles Country Club in Delray Beach, Fla., there are 25 teams in nine leagues, including Pickleball. While the selection of the roster for the team is best left to...Read more
Bob Ingersole
In 2019, the international competitive structure of tennis will change significantly. These changes will have a profound effect on how a professional player is developed. The impact on U.S. tennis in general will also be far-reaching. Our junior competitive pathway, collegiate tennis, which...Read more
John Evert
The two-handed backhand is one of the most reliable and powerful shots you can learn. Master it in these six easy-to-follow steps! 1. A great two-handed backhand starts with the perfect set-up. First, the grip. The most commonly used grips are the Continental Grip for your dominant hand and an...Read more
Jonathan Raude
Having goals is an essential part of success, both in tennis and in life. There are many reasons why goals are important, but to put it simply, goals drive us forward. They provide us with focus, direction, motivation, a measure of progress and accountability. When it comes to tennis, players must...Read more
Luke Jensen
Watching the U.S. Open and all the Grand Slams are so much fun! What always stands out to me is the moment in every match when the players win or lose based on how they handle turning points. More specifically, how the champions handle pressure! Pressure will pose this question to you before,...Read more
Gilad Bloom
As the old saying goes, “You should always learn from your mistakes.” I add to that you should also learn from other people's mistakes. Throughout my coaching career, I have tried to learn from my mistakes and just like everyone else, I certainly made lots of them over the years. The trick is to...Read more
Chris Lewit
I have many players who come to me from New York and around the country who have been taught to attack the net relentlessly, but often without much forethought or caution. They may not make good decisions about when to attack the net, and they often harbor misconceptions about the smartest...Read more