Lisa Dodson
Here is the big question: How can we expect players to do something as complicated as serving when they cannot throw and release a ball directly out of their hand? In this article, I am going to stress the importance of the grip and a throwing release as central principles to a great serve. We’re...Read more
Luke Jensen
I cannot wait for summer tennis! I love all of it … from hard courts to clay courts with all the heat and humidity. The entire country has tennis action for all levels and the courts are packed! There are some really good pro tournament options from coast to coast. The summer season ends at the U.S...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
On Tuesday, the International Tennis Federation (ITF) announced that Spanish duo Sergio Casal and Emilio Sanchez will receive the ITF’s highest accolade, the Philippe Chatrier Award, for their services to the game as players and coaches. The award will be presented at the 2017 ITF World Champions...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
I decided to read a tennis book to improve my game, and complement my practices in drills and lessons with instructors. But let’s face it … I need more than a book, I need a library. To begin my learning-tennis-by-the-book quest, I started with Game, Set and Match (2015) by Mark Hodgkinson. It was...Read more
Richard Thater
Most New York tennis players are familiar with the two most popular tennis-teaching organizations: The PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) and the USPTA (Professional Tennis Association). They both offer workshops and testing to become certified tennis teachers. Each organization has about 15,000...Read more
Mike Williams
I’ve seen it time and again. Players working on their open-stance forehand with their bent elbows and breaking wrists trying to hit the ball like Rafael Nadal. I get it, just like you, I’ve dreamt of hitting just one forehand as big as Rafa’s ... and yet it’s never happened. But why? We both live...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
SPORTIME and The John McEnroe Tennis Academy (JMTA) today announced that JMTA Co‐Director Patrick McEnroe will be overseeing summer tennis training at the JMTA satellite at SPORTIME Amagansett, in the Town of East Hampton, beginning in summer 2017. Since January, 2017, JMTA students and families at...Read more
Chris Lewit
Toni Nadal has been instrumental in the development of his nephew, Rafael, into a world-class tennis player. I recently had the good fortune to study with him in Mallorca, Spain at the new Rafa Nadal Tennis Academy. Many of his values are espoused by other Spanish mentors of mine, including...Read more
Ray Josephs
Tennis is one of the most technical sports to learn. Unlike basketball or soccer where someone can pick up a ball and play right away, it will take a young child up to a year or more to develop the skills to engage in realistic competition. In addition to that, we are fighting for children’s...Read more
Rob Polishook
During professional matches or junior tournaments, everyone in the stands can see the score. But what about what’s below the score? What can’t we see? More times than not, that’s going to be the predictor in what happens next? I’m referring to a player’s emotional energy. Are they calm, aware and...Read more