Ray Josephs
Tennis is one of the most technical sports to learn. Unlike basketball or soccer where someone can pick up a ball and play right away, it will take a young child up to a year or more to develop the skills to engage in realistic competition. In addition to that, we are fighting for children’s...Read more
Rob Polishook
During professional matches or junior tournaments, everyone in the stands can see the score. But what about what’s below the score? What can’t we see? More times than not, that’s going to be the predictor in what happens next? I’m referring to a player’s emotional energy. Are they calm, aware and...Read more
Former WTA world #1 doubles star and seven-time Grand Slam doubles champion Liezel Huber will join the NYJTL Cary Leeds Center as Director of Tennis and Development on June 1, it was announced today by General Manager Skip Hartman. "We are thrilled to have Liezel on our Leadership Team," said...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
That is the mission statement at CourtSense Tennis Training Center and is something its management and staff try to live up to every single day across its multiple locations throughout New Jersey. With its passion and enthusiasm coupled with the ability to embrace the newest form of modern sports...Read more
Luke Jensen
Get your pro spring swing on! I love this time of year. The weather is warming up and there is such positive energy around the tennis courts. On the Pro Tour, the American swing in Indian Wells, Calif. and in Miami are so much fun for the players. I was a player that loved the road and being on the...Read more
Lisa Dodson
There are a number of classic “reasons” for the lack of serve and volley among women in the modern game of tennis. Opinions and quotes from fans, players, coaches and commentators are many. True or not here, they are: 1. “The return is too big.” 2. “Women’s serves are not big enough and they are...Read more
Gilad Bloom
When I was playing on the Pro Tour, it was all about getting results in weekly tournaments. There was an offseason at the end of November during which you would get in shape for the new season with a few weeks of training camp. This camp included lots of drills and some practice sets, but focused...Read more
Steven Kaplan
Performance improvement is all about hard work, and you need to work as hard as you can, right? Wrong! Hard work is important, but the ultimate goal is to be as productive as you can and this comes from finding just the optimal balance of effort and temperance. Remember … smart work is your best...Read more
Juan Oscar Rios
In my 32 years of teaching and coaching all levels of players, I have realized that there is a huge difference between teaching a student and just providing tennis information. The most important thing I have learned is to first be a student and then a teacher. I have seen many coaches who are so...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
The vast majority of tennis games are played with great sportsmanship by players who demonstrate that tennis is a game of scrupulous honesty and courteous competitive spirit. A handful of players—and I do mean a handful—whip out a new rule interpretation that rattles the brain. I saw a player stop...Read more