To fully develop a player at every level of the game, there needs to be coaching at every level of the game.
Caleb Astwood
Tennis is one of those unique sports in that for the majority of a junior’s competitive career, the only people who consistently watch them play are their parents. Unlike team sports where the coach is with the team at practice and matches, tennis coaches often coach their hour-long private lesson...Read more
I believe, for juniors especially, coaching is about being a role model and a positive influence in their life.
Michael Forte
“I made it to the final of my tournament last week!” “I got a baby puppy this week!” “My AP History class is killing me!” These are just a few of the phrases I hear on a weekly basis from students during lessons/programs, and it’s easy to assume they are being talkative or only desire attention...Read more
Steve Annacone
It’s obviously very helpful to hit a lot of tennis balls if you are trying to become the best player you can be. However, there are times when this is not possible. Doing some things at home can add a lot to your skills on the court. First, make sure you have a good and simple stretching and...Read more
Steve Annacone
As everyone knows, we are in the process of being taught a lesson on our ability to control certain things in our day to day lives. That being said, there are things we can do to help the situation even though there are uncontrollable aspects to the problem. Applying this to a tennis match, you can...Read more
Chris Lewit
As a coach, I counsel many families about how much tennis children should train at different ages and whether to cross-train in other sports and it’s a common question on my podcast, The Prodigy Maker Show. The bottom line is that every kid is different. Some can play tennis exclusively from the...Read more
If you are a doubles player, you and your partner have had this conversation before: who plays which side?
Mark Santucci
If you are a doubles player, you and your partner have had this conversation before: who plays which side? 75 percent of players prefer their forehand, so if they play on the deuce side, they can rip the forehand return of serve cross court. But if they play on the ad side, they have the forehand...Read more
In the 24 years that I have been a teaching pro, I have witnessed bizarre behavior from parents of junior players.
Gilad Bloom
About two years ago I went to watch one of my students play a USTA Eastern Section tournament. It was a 12U event, his opponent was a nice little player and it was a close match. However, I noticed right away that the kid kept looking at his watch before and after every point; it looked strange. It...Read more
Steve Annacone
One of the most important concepts a tennis player will learn is to take control of the point . Obviously, we cannot control everything that goes on in a tennis match. However, if you are able to control the point more often than your opponent, your chances of success greatly increase. Controlling...Read more
Mike Puc
One of the quickest ways to elevate your club doubles game is through proper positioning, strategy and tactics. Club members are often out of position and struggling to get to balls and marvel how advanced players seem to know where the ball is going before it is struck by the opponent...Read more
John Curtis
I am often asked what prepares a young tennis player for playing at the collegiate level. Over the course of 25 years in the business, my answer has evolved. Between my role as head coach of the NYU Men’s tennis team for 10 years (including scouting prospects nationwide) and my current role as...Read more