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For the ninth year, young hopefuls from across the tri-state area will be out in force at SPORTIME Randall's Island, the John McEnroe Tennis Academy’s (JMTA) flagship location, on Saturday, June 19th, as SPORTIME and JMTA coaches seek to discover untapped tennis and athletic talent. The goal of...Read more
Steve Annacone
Practicing groundstrokes seems to be the main focus of most players. Rather than just standing in the middle of the baseline and starting the rally with a feed straight ahead, use your serve and return of serve to start the point. Hit the serve very slowly at first and hit the return of serve so...Read more
Brian Coleman
Since 2015, the Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning has served as the flagship location of the New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL), and has used tennis and academics to help change the lives of many Bronx residents. “Cary Leeds Center impacts our kids in different ways,” said...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
This past weekend, USTA Eastern hosted several Early Development Camps at four different locations in the Section. The camps serve as the beginning of the Team USA Player Development Camp Pathway designed to provide additional opportunities for players ages 7-10, and emphasize fundamentals and...Read more
Brian Coleman
In chess, the ability to see multiple moves ahead and read your opponent is critical. The same can be said in tennis. And it’s that type of skill set that has led New York City native Cal Wider to be successful in both. Wider is a nationally ranked tennis player who was once also a nationally...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
New York Tennis Magazine's 2021 Camp Guide Advantage Junior Tennis Camp at Roosevelt Island Racquet Club (RIRC) 281 Main Street I Roosevelt Island, N.Y. Contact: Steve O’Keefe Advantage_Junior.png (212) 935-0250 Advantage Junior Tennis Camp is “tennis heaven for kids”–giving...Read more
Yevgeny Supeko
What is high-performance tennis and how can it be tackled by a coach and a player who is persistently seeking that ultimate success? First, it is critical to analyze a player's inborn physical abilities related to on-court efforts. We as coaches must study our player throughout prior to suggesting...Read more
Ray Josephs
“I don’t know.” As a coach, this is my least favorite answer when asking students something about their game, the drill we are doing, or any of the other litany of questions that come up during a normal tennis practice. In some instances they may actually not know! But more often it is the fear of...Read more
Brian Coleman
Many of us get our start in sports by looking up to an older sibling and Sebastian Sec, the top-ranked junior in New York for the Class of 2022, is no different. Sec can recall starting to play tennis when he watched his older brother, Richard, and other family members begin playing. “When he...Read more
For many parents today, selecting the right coach is a huge and crucial decision with numerous considerations.
Conrad Singh and Adam Borr
For many parents today, selecting the right coach is a huge and crucial decision with numerous considerations. The real key component to ask is regarding the amount of ‘care’ that the coach offers your child. Care encompasses so many key factors such as creating a dynamic environment, technical...Read more