Mike Puc
One of the most frequent requests I hear from my students is how to achieve more power. After a short discussion and acknowledgement of the first priorities of getting the ball in and getting the ball in away from the opponent, the goal of power may be addressed. The two biggest components to...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
It hit me the other day. Not a tennis ball, but a realization. Our tennis pros hung up their racquets and stayed home during the pandemic. These men and women made the same financial sacrifice as personal trainers, physical therapists, restaurant and café owners, bookstore owners, and other small...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
This is the second part of Barbara Wyatt's Hindrance Quiz. Click Here to read Part One . The Hindrance Quiz checks your understanding of the ITF and USTA rules of hindrances. Correct answers are the simple quick answers, not burdened with a barrage of what-ifs or embellished with nuances on the...Read more
Press Release
On Wednesday, the USTA compiled tips and guidelines, botrh for players and facilities, on what to do when returning to the courts. The USTA said: “The USTA recognizes that the coronavirus has been affecting different parts of the country in different ways and with different timing. We therefore...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
Travis storms the net, finger pointed … “Stop calling my balls out. That ball was in.” Without a pause, his partner says, “We’re calling for line judges.” Thank heavens, I thought, There IS a player with intelligence on that side of the net. Travis’ partner demonstrated she knows tennis rules when...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
“I’ve never won a USTA Sportsmanship Pin,” says Sheila. Frank places his arm around her shoulder and says, “You will. But until you do, you could have one of mine. I have three.” She laughs. Frank was at it again, teasing a fellow teammate. Is Sheila doing anything wrong? She gives the benefit of...Read more
Mark Santucci
PSSHHHTTTTTT …. the sound of a new can of tennis balls opening. Mmmmmm … nothing like that new ball scent. Three bright optic yellow spheres glistening in the light. Bounce, bounce, bounce. Ready to rock! Now, in the quest to take your tennis game to the next level, let’s train “Outside of the Can...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
I’m grinding it out on the court. My footwork is better, I’m hitting the split-steps, my coach is helping me with my slice, and I’ve made some cool friends from the team. This is a hard letter to write, but this is how I really feel. After I lost the match yesterday, you yelled at me. You threw a...Read more
Barbara Wyatt
“It’s not about the score, Madison.” Madison shoved the racket in her tennis bag and stomped off the court. She collapsed onto a bench a few feet away from me and covered her face with her hands. “You played well Madison.” “I sucked.” “It’s not about the score.” She lifted her hands from her face,...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning 1720 Crotona Avenue Bronx, N.Y. (718) 247-7420 CaryLeedsTennis.org CaryLeedsInfo@NYJTL.org Cary_Leeds_Logo.png The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning houses a two-story, 12,000-square foot clubhouse, educational spaces, and access to 20 courts (...Read more