| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff


Has your child ever felt pulled between tennis and school? Having time to dedicate to tennis makes all the difference in maintaining a competitive edge, but the traditional, in-person school day—even if it’s a hybrid school schedule as a result of the coronavirus—can limit a player’s options. Dwight Global Online School, the online program of Dwight School on New York’s Upper West Side, offers a solution. Dwight Global’s flexible scheduling allows players to maintain rigorous practice, travel and competition schedules, while pursuing academic excellence and joining an energetic, exciting school community.

Blended and flexible online learning

At Dwight Global, students can attend Dwight online classes from home, their tennis center or on the—road safely, effectively, and flexibly. And because enrollment in Dwight Global gives students access to the thriving, friendly Dwight School community around the world, students are also able to visit Dwight School’s physical campuses—in New York, London, Shanghai, Seoul, and Dubai for in-person experiences, whenever and wherever it’s safe to do so. 

Dwight Global focuses on the whole student, incorporating their interests and needs into their curriculum. Whether your student is interested in Advanced Placement courses, the International Baccalaureate Curriculum, or their own personalized course of study, they’ll be participating in a rigorous curriculum, with classes that are NCAA-approved (so they pass all the required standards for entry into Division I and II schools). 

Teachers that understand

Dwight’s expert faculty encourage Dwight’s students to believe in their own talents, follow their hearts and take intellectual risks. They understand every student has unique challenges when it comes to balancing their academic and professional —careersand they’re passionate about supporting students in achieving their goals!

Specialized college guidance 

Starting in Grade 9, Dwight college counselors work closely with players to prepare them for the college admissions process. While some athletes head straight to the pros, Dwight has a long tradition of placing graduates in leadership roles at top college athletic programs. Admissions officers recognize the difference between a prestigious Dwight Diploma and other online-only programs.

The Dwight Global difference for scholar-athletes

►Students can pursue tennis without compromising their academics.

►Dwight’s faculty are experts in their fields and dedicated to personalizing the Dwight Global experience for every student.

►Students and teachers achieve deeper learning through small class sizes and college-style seminars.

►We are laser-focused on college-readiness and building lifelong skills.

►We have a 145-plus year track record of admissions to top universities.

Long-term leadership in academics and athletics

Dwight’s Chancellor Stephen Spahn has 50 years of visionary leadership in global education and was himself an All-American basketball player at Dartmouth College. Dwight’s vice chancellor, Blake Spahn, was captain of the undefeated 1994 Ivy League Champion Columbia University Men’s Tennis team, and knows first-hand the demands on today’s scholar-athletes.

We invite you to contact Admissions@Dwight.Global, call (212) 724-2420 or visit our website at www.Dwight.Global to start crafting a personalized academic path for your child today.