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  | By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Credit all photos to Sidney Beal III/Clique Photography


The Johnny Mac Tennis Project (JMTP) hosted its first ever team event, as the Johnny Mac Classic pitted brothers John and Patrick McEnroe against one another in a team competition in support of JMTP.

The two teams competed head-to-head in three different rounds, each of which consisted of three singles matches and three doubles matches. Each team member competed in at least one singles and one doubles match throughout the afternoon, and like the Laver Cup, the points earned for each team increased with every round.

“A key part of JMTP’s mission is to help players use tennis as a vehicle to get an education by earning scholarships and competing on the college team,” said Jordan Botjer, JMTP’s Executive Director. “This event was a great way to highlight the importance of being part of a team.”

At the Classic, the teams were co-captained by JMTP scholarship players, whose energy and enthusiasm kept the vibe of the event going strong throughout the day. Their participation allowed spectators and organization supporters see the experience the kids’ talent up close.

Team John

►Captains: John McEnroe & Michael Ward

►JMTP Player Co-captains: Olivia Benton & Zizou Ahmad

►Team Members: Claude Okin; Dan Okin; Shu Adachi; Peter Desmond; Tom Ryan; Marc Desmond; Suzanne Ryan; Patrick Ryan; Cecilia Vonderheide

Team Patrick

►Captains: Patrick McEnroe & Carlos Campo

►Co-captains: Sebastian Sec & Dylan Ortiz

►Honorary Co-captain: Summer Chandler

►Team Members: Gavin Albert; Doug Burns; Jim Citrin; Oliver Citrin; Danny Huynh; Allison Schulman; Tracy Rueckert; David Antenucci; Gregg Meyer

Team John took the early lead after the first round, and jumped out to a 4-2 advantage. The lead increased to 12-6 by the end of round two, and at the end of the third and final round, Team John was crowned champion by a score of 27-9. Despite the final score, most of the matches were competitive and hotly contested.

“The Johnny Mac Classic was a great afternoon of tennis, fun and competition. We saw some great matches and the players all had a blast!” added Botjer.  “The scholarship players were the stars of the event -- their positive energy and substitution for key points made it a much more dynamic afternoon. It was fantastic for the participants to have an opportunity to meet some of the kids and see just how talented they really are. This event was a great building block for JMTP and we are really looking forward to growing it in the future!”

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