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New York Tennis Magazine has compiled a list of some top of the tennis gifts for the upcoming holiday season: 





At AceSpace, we know that time is of the essence. Whether you’re scheduling tennis lessons a month in advance, or organizing an impromptu doubles match, you want the process to be quick. After all, if you can book a restaurant, a car, a hotel with just a few clicks—why not a tennis court? 

Founded in 2018, AceSpace is the premier court-booking platform in New York. The app easily locates available tennis courts in your area, eliminating the hassle of Web searches and phone calls. Whatever price, surface or time slot you prefer, AceSpace ensures you get the court you want, every time.

Thanks to its staff of tennis enthusiasts, AceSpace was designed with both players and facilities in mind. We help tennis centers manage their bookings automatically, working as a stand-alone system or in tandem with older technology. We work directly with facility managers, bridging the gap between manual bookings and digitally-oriented players.

Now live at Park Avenue Tennis Facility and Tiger Tennis Academy, our gift to you is a stress-free tennis schedule. Like the best tennis players, AceSpace is fast and reliable, and no matter how busy your life gets, AceSpace is ready to steer you towards the nearest clay, grass or hard surface.

If you’re ready to #ClaimYourCourt, visit AceSpaceCourts.com to create your account now.

Follow AceSpace on Facebook for updates, and we’ll see you on the court!




iKnowTennis! Mobile App 


Do you know tennis rules?

You serve. As your opponent hits a winning return, a string breaks on his racket. He retrieves a second racket from his bag. Is this a let? Point? First serve? 

a) Let, first serve

b) Your point

c) His point.

Your doubles partner has a habit to call your serves in or out during practices. During a tournament game, he’s still calling your serves out. Can he call your serves out in a USTA match?

a) Yes

b) No


Answer 1: His point. The point was played in good faith. He did not delay the game because his racket was in his bag on the court. If you had returned the ball, he could continue playing with a broken string. Code 45.

Answer 2: No. Your partner should not be calling your first serves out. The receiver may return a long or wide serve if they didn’t see it clearly. They would be giving you the benefit of the doubt. Code 26

Learn the answers to these questions and more with the iKnowTennis! app, available on the App Store and Google Play. Visit iKnowTennis.com for more information.





(214) 749-0300


inPhorm, the international active lifestyle brand, is adding new colors to its women’s tennis line to help brighten the holiday season. At all the clubs and tennis venues where its “simple elegant” outfits sell, the colors now include a bright cherry red with its classic black and white. 

The mission of inPhorm, now more than a decade on the market, has been to produce comfortable, stylish, sustainable and eco-forward fabrics compatible with the its customers’ lifestyle—their fitness, athleticism and passion for preserving the environment and enhancing its recovery.

inPhorm continues to expand around the globe. In addition to the Northeast U.S. and Canada (where you can wear your holiday colors indoors this winter) and down through Florida, out to the Midwest and all up and down the West Coast, inPhorm is a major player in Great Britain, and its logo can be spotted on courts from Ireland, Spain, Switzerland and Germany to Thailand, Korea and other Southeast Asian countries.

As inPhorm grows, it will soon be outfitting the whole family. Spring 2020 will see the introduction of its smart, nifty children’s outfits, with powder pink and blue, which are receiving glowing reviews from major clients who have seen the prototypes. And coming in Spring 2021, designer Saad Hajidin’s highly-anticipated men’s line will debut.

You can read about the tennis pros wearing inPhorm and its brand ambassadors on their Web site, inPhormNYC.com, or follow them on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest. First-time shoppers on the Web site will receive a special discount by using the code “STAY-INPHORMED.”




Servemaster: Get a Better Serve FAST 




John S. says: “My buddy told me about Servemaster and he says it is crazy effective. He says his serve got 25 percent better after using it for about one week. He swore by it, so I got one too. He was right! I got better so quickly and I wish I hadn’t wasted so much time practicing without knowing what I was doing.” 

Top professionals, academies and players around the world are endorsing and using Servemaster for fast serve improvement.

Servemaster goes to the top of the “Best Gift to Receive” list for every tennis player, no matter what age, level or ability.

Why does it work? Players get to experience what a service motion should feel like and that accelerates learning. Practice serve technique at home, work or on the court without hitting a ball then take it to your racket on the court. You’ll be amazed at the results.

You don’t understand what Servemaster is or what it can do for you? Go to TheTotalServe.com and watch instructional videos or sign up for FREE videos on that site.

We promise it will be worth your time …

We also have wholesale pricing for pro shops, teaching professionals, academies and schools. All you need to do is e-mail Lisa Dodson at Lisa@TheTotalServe.com for more information.




Silent Partner Tennis 

(800) 662-1809



Give the gift of a Silent Partner Tennis Ball Machine this holiday season! 

Independently owned and operated since 1989, Silent Partner Tennis is celebrating its 30th anniversary by thanking its customers with great sales! 

The machines make a great holiday gift for tennis buffs. Throw the machine in the car and take it anywhere. We have a range of portable machines with great features for beginners and experts alike. Plus, we pride ourselves on our customer service, so if you have any questions before or after buying your machine, feel free to give us a call!

Check Silent Partner Tennis out online at SPTennis.com. Here is to another great year of tennis. Silent Partner Tennis hopes that it can help you make 2020 the best one yet. Happy holidays!




Sports Made Easy 

(866) 532-0881



Sports Made Easy has grown significantly in the Eastern Section and nationally. Now we have 20,000 members who benefit from our tournament management features. We grew from just match making services app for tennis to a data insight company which helps aspiring junior tennis players to achieve their highest potential in tennis. 

As a special thank you to all the Tri-State residents who stood steadfast during our growth, we would like to offer all Tri-State residents a 30 percent discount on our services and our partner products, such as Head and Joma. Take advantage of this discount to take your game to the next level.

We hope these features brings you and your family members joy and big savings this holiday season! To get coupons please send an e-mail to support@sportsmadeez.com before Dec. 31, 2019.




Up or Down, LLC 

(631) 882-3442



Up or Down is a new tennis apparel company. The company originated with one vision in mind: “To Unite the Tennis Order.” 

The idea for the company stems from the spinning the racquet before each match and saying: “Up or Down.” Regardless of what brand of racquet you play with, Up or Down applies to all tennis players. At Up or Down, we hope to capture the tennis enthusiasts who prefer to wear clothing that identifies them with the sport they enjoy so much. Our company was specifically formed for the tennis fans and players.

Our performance t-shirts, tanks, and collared shirts are moisture-wicking for extreme lightweight comfort and breathability while playing on the courts. We also supply more leisurely clothing with our Up or Down lightweight hoodies for cool summer nights and moisture-wicking hooded sweatshirts for colder weather.

Whether you are a tennis enthusiast or just enjoy a weekend game, show off apparel that defines you. Visit UpOrDownSpin.com for more information.



USTA Foundation Incorporated 

(914) 696-7223


Looking for that special holiday gift this year? Leave your mark at the home of the US Open 

Express your love of the game and serve up dreams for under-resourced youth by donating a brick or paver. The donation helps support local tennis and education organizations across the country. 

For more information and to order your brick or paver, visit AvenueofAces.com, call (914) 696-7223 or e-mail Foundation@USTA.com.

The mission of the USTA Foundation is to bring tennis and education together to change lives. The USTA Foundation uses the sport of tennis as a vehicle to help under-resourced youth become more engaged in school and learning with the goal of succeeding in tennis and in life. Our flagship National Junior Tennis & Learning network delivers year-round free or low-cost tennis instruction, academic support and enrichment opportunities to positively impact lives.

The USTA Foundation Incorporated (USTA Foundation) provides grants and scholarships for programs that combine tennis with education to enrich the lives of under-resourced youth. USTA Foundation is a 501(c)(3), tax-exempt, not-for-profit, charitable and educational organization (IRS ID #13-3782331). This request for financial support is for the purpose of funding programs and operations of USTA Foundation. Donations received shall not constitute an endowment of funds and may be expended in their entirety for the state purpose. USTA Foundation reserves the right to change the pavers and their location at any time without the consent of the donor.