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Poland's Magda Linette won the Bronx Open back in 2019. The tournament will return this year at The Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning in the Bronx.
Photo Credit: Brian Coleman/NY Tennis Magazine


New York Junior Tennis & Learning (NYJTL) is excited to welcome back the NYJTL Bronx Open from August 14-21, 2022 at the world-class Cary Leeds Center for Tennis & Learning in the south Bronx. This year’s event is a $60,000 USTA Pro-Circuit Tournament during the week leading into the US Open Qualifying tournament. 

This event continues a long history of hosting professional tennis tournaments throughout NYJTL’s 50 years of service. It is one of the longest standing tournaments held at one location in the United States. The NYJTL Bronx Open will feature a main draw with 32 singles players plus a 16-team doubles’ event and a 32-player qualifying event. In addition, the Cary Leeds Center will serve as a practice court facility for the US Open and will host the US Open Junior Qualifying tournament.

Bringing the Community Together 

“We are elated to experience what NYJTL is investing into our community,” says Bronx Borough President Vanessa L. Gibson. “Bringing premier events to the Bronx has been incredibly impactful, and I am grateful to NYJTL for empowering the next generation of future tennis stars to get out and play at the beautiful Cary Leeds Center.” 

Since its inception when the tournament was played on the public courts in Crotona Park, the NYJTL Bronx Open has admitted spectators at no charge to encourage attendance by youth and adults from throughout the community. It provides the opportunity for NYC youth to view professional tennis in a way that may not have otherwise been accessible. NYJTL is committed to providing community-based events for children in need, and ensuring that they are a part of this aspirational tournament. 

“We are thrilled to welcome women’s professional tennis back to the Bronx and celebrate the sport that has proven to change lives,” says NYJTL President & CEO Udai Tambar. “As Arthur Ashe once said, the game teaches our children about ‘matters more important than tennis’. It is crucial for young people to see our values of healthy living, character, and teamwork actualized. The competitors are invaluable role models that display the importance of perseverance, and teach our children that they can dream bigger and achieve their goals.” 


This year the NYJTL Bronx Open will take place at the Cary Leeds Center for the second time. With access to 20 tennis courts and two additional stadium courts with permanent seating for more than 800 spectators, the Victor Kiam Stadium and the Pershing Square Stadium offer a courtside view of the world to the community, creating an unmatched up-close and intimate tennis viewing experience.  

NYJTL is actively recruiting more like-minded partners and sponsors that look to serve the community and reach a broad audience during this key window of media exposure. The 2019 Bronx Open gained coverage on the local, national, and international level and had more than 60,000 unique visitors view its website. This world class event garnered attention from The New York Times, The Washington Post, Tennis.comNY1, and other notable press outlets.

Sponsorship of the NYJTL Bronx Open offers unique benefits to corporate marketers whose advertising strategies align with the strong, global demographics of women’s tennis which is the undisputed global leader in women’s sport.  

Sponsorship presents the following marketing benefits and opportunities:  

►Print and Digital Media  

►Social Media  

►Promotional Activities  

►On-Site Signage & Benefits 


►Charitable Activities 

►Broadcast Potential 

If you are interested in leveraging this event for good, please contact Tournament Director, Joe Ceriello at jceriello@nytjl.org