Looking to play college tennis


With tennis continuing to return to our lives in New York, Bonnie Briar Country Club in Larchmont, N.Y. will be hosting a One-On-One Doubles Shootout on Saturday, October 10.

“Bonnie Briar Country Club is excited to host NY One-On-One Doubles Shootout on Saturday, October 10,” said Ryan Horn, Bonnie Briar’s Director of Tennis. “Ed Krass’ fun, fast and furious format keeps the players on their toes and the fans cheering for the classic serve and volley style of tennis.”

Krass’ unique format has grown in popularity over the years, and this event in particular will have a $500 cash prize for the winners, and $150 for the finalists. One-On-One Doubles has a mandatory serve and volley rule with the bonus of earning two points for winning points with either a volley or overhead. This format creates a fast-paced tennis match that is both unique and compelling.

“I think it is exciting to have the game’s old serve-and-volley rule reinstated at the NY One-On-One Doubles Shootout run by the very innovative Ryan Horn,” said Krass. “I hope this tournament draws some juniors, college players and former tour professionals to showcase One-On-One Doubles at its best!”

The event is scheduled to run from 2:00-6:00 p.m., and the rain date is Sunday, October 11. Each participant will have a guarantee of three matches, and all COVID-19 health protocols will be followed.

Registration is limited to the first 16 players who sign-up, and you can secure your spot by contacting Horn at RHorn@BonnieBriar.org.


Oct 10, 2020