| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo Credit: Mark Goodman


The latest One-On-One Doubles Shootout took place at the Country Club of Winter Haven in Winter Haven, Florida as top competition came out for the $15,000 Winter Haven One-On-One Doubles Shootout.

Emilio Sanchez, winner of 67 ATP Titles, capturing the championship (earning $4,250) with a thrilling 5-4(3) win in the final over Luke Jensen, 1993 French Open Doubles Champ.

"I wanted to come play this event so I could get a real good feel for this game of One-On-One Doubles and the event,” said Sanchez. “I am planning on bringing this back to my Academy in Naples, Florida and to Spain.”

Jensen, who walked away with $4,000 as the runner-up, played extremely well and entertained the crowd with his trademark enthusiasm, shot making and showmanship.

Mel Purcell and Fritz Buehning former Top 20 ATP players, finished third and fourth.

Buehning, who is the Tennis Director at the JMTA/Sportime in Eastchester, NY, showcased his power serve and volley game. He defeated Mats Wilander when Wilander was ranked No. 4 in the world.

"With all the great events that Ed has done with One-On-One Doubles over the past years, I really wanted to bring the game and its unique event with live music to my club and town of Winter Haven", stated John Haggar, Tennis Director at the Country Club of Winter Haven. "The brand of One-On-One Doubles is growing and we are excited to have it here and for many years to come.”

"I just want to tell everyone how much I enjoyed playing in this One-On-One Doubles Event at The Country Club of Winter Haven. Every aspect of the event was first class, from the facility, food and music to the host families, live band and all the tennis members and fans that came out to support the event,” said Buehning. “We had a great group of players who made it exciting and fun for everyone who attended. I look forward to coming back to Winter Haven next year to play in year two!

The day started with a Pro-Am Doubles Shootout that fielded four doubles teams; Each team had the event's Grand Slam participant paired with an event sponsor. The winning team was Luke Jensen and Peter Haggar, brother of John Haggar and former Southern Miss standout.

A "LITTLE MO" One-On-One Doubles Shootout was played between Naples' Kaitlin Quevedo and Fort Lauderdale's Akasha Urhobo, winner of two "Little Mo" Grand Slams and ranked No. 1 in the world in Girls 10s. Urhobo was a 6-2 victor and the two players gave a tremendous exhibition of how One-On-One Doubles is played.

"The young women watching the event's upcoming TV show will be interested to play this serve-and-volley game", said Krass.

The event's TV show will air in late June on Fox Sports Sun, NESN and Tuff TV Networks.

For more information on future One-On-One Doubles Events, visit www.oneononedoubles.com.