Dr. Brandyn Fisher
"I forgot she was a lefty." This was Sarah's response during the 10-minute break after splitting sets at a USTA National match. I had asked her what she was seeing out there and about her game plan and the adjustments she made. Sarah said she was trying to keep the ball high to her opponent's one-...Read more
Dr. Tom Ferraro
I have worked for many years with top level athletes and have come to realize that the 24 hours leading up to any big event will determine how you do during your match. Here are the basic psychological approaches that will help you to win: 1. It ought to be obvious that any high level athlete will...Read more
New York Tennis Magazine Staff
American Sport Psychology (443)-243-5598 Brandyn@AmericanSportPsychology.com AmericanSportPsychology.com Brandyn Fisher, Ph.D., is founder and CEO of American Sport Psychology (ASP), the leader in elite mental training for tennis players. With a Ph.D. in sport psychology and an extensive coaching...Read more
Dr. Tom Ferraro
As a sport psychologist, I have treated many athletes who have been injured. There are 30 million kids playing sports and 10 percent of them will get injured this year. Tennis is not quite as dangerous as football, soccer or ice hockey, but there are plenty of ankle, knee, elbow and shoulder...Read more