| By New York Tennis Magazine Staff
Photo Credit: USTA Eastern


Earlier this summer, Team Eastern captured the title at the annual Sears Cup in Boston, Mass., beating teams from the Middle States, Mid-Atlantic and New England regions.

“I think one of the keys to our team success was in our numbers,” said Team Eastern captain Anda Perianu. “Every player in the lineup was solid and gave us the chance to rest some players after the first day. We also had amazing competitors in the team that brought a lot of excitement on the court.”

The Sears Cup is a women’s open tournament established in 1927 by Hazel Wightman and Eleanor Sears; the Wightman Cup would become a competition between the United States and Great Britain, while the Sears Cup became one between the Eastern, Middle States, Mid-Atlantic and New England sections.

“The tournament is really special because it gave me the chance five years ago to compete again after retiring from professional tennis, and also reintroducing me to the team atmosphere that I missed from college,” said Perianu. “I would say the same thing for a lot of the players. Most of them really miss competing for a team, and having that cohesiveness. Even though some of us only met for the first time at the site in Boston, we became really close in the short amount of time we spent together fighting for the same goal: bringing the cup home!”