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  | By Dr. Tom Ferraro
Illustration provided by Sudipta Dasgupta


This article is part of Dr. Ferraro's "The Tennis Guru" series. Click Here to see the first few parts of the series.

The trio quickly departed from the cave and continued to walk along the mountain path up to the Tennis Guru’s Academy. Virgil led the way, the girl was right behind him and Yin was in the rear, and the path grew more steep, more slippery and more treacherous with each step. Each time Yin looked up to the top of the mountain it seemed to be getting farther and farther away. As the sun began to set, Virgil suggested that they stop, set up camp, make a fire and bed down for the night, and Yin and the girl were happy to finally get a rest.

As Virgil began cooking some meat over the fire Yin finally had a chance to talk to the girl he had saved.

“So what’s your name anyway?” asked Yin.

“My name is Rebecca, and I thank you for saving me from The Demon. As I told you, I was trapped in his cave for five years and I had given up all hope of escaping.”

“Oh my,” said Yin. “Tell me what it was like down there.”

Rebecca looked directly at Yin and said, “The Demon liked to scare me, hurt me, torture me, taunt me and laugh at me all day. I don’t know what I would have done if you had not come along. Perhaps I would have been stuck there my entire life.”

“I’m so sorry,” said Yin “I feel so bad for you.”

Rebecca smiled at Yin in a gentle way and then said:

“Do not feel bad for me my dear Yin for I have learned all the magic that The Demon possessed. I observed all his powerful ways, all of his magical incantations that put spells on people and I have read all of the magic books he had stored under his bed.”

Yin grew very curious about all this and asked Rebecca to tell him some of the magic she had learned from The Demon.

“Since you were the boy who saved me I will tell you everything that I have learned. I want you to come over to me, lay your head on my lap, cross your arms across your chest, close your eyes and say the magic word ‘TIMIM’ three times very slowly. You will fall into a deep sleep and dream a long time and all of my secrets will be revealed to you in this dream. When you awaken you will have already forgotten all the details of the dream but my secrets will remain inside of you forever and they will always be there for you to summon up when you need them most. Are you ready to go to sleep?”

Yin said yes so he laid his head on Rebecca’s lap and as he did so he began to smell her beautiful perfume and took in a deep breath of it. He closed his eyes, crossed his arms and slowly said


To be continued...


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