| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


Back in the day, we were always told to recover to the middle of the court after hitting a shot. Because the speed of the game has changed, it makes more sense these days to move towards the open court immediately after hitting your shot.

In addition, try recovering to an area that leaves the opening towards your stronger shot. This means that if you are right handed and your forehand is your strength, recover slightly towards the ad side. This is likely to result in your opponent’s next shot being hit to your strength, more often than not. Most players play to the opening, but are also very conscious of your better shot. This creates a conflict in their shot selection and can result in more errors. It also makes the target to your weakness much smaller which is also a problem for your opponent.

Favor your strength by making this small adjustment to your position and increase your chances of getting more opportunities to hit your favorite shot.




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