| By Steve Annacone
Photo courtesy of Getty Images


If you are a competitive tennis player, you want to win. The problem is, so does your opponent. In fact, everyone wants to win.

The best way to give yourself a great shot at winning is to focus on what you need to do on the way to the desired outcome. This is the definition of focusing on the process, not the outcome. For most players, reminding yourself to follow through the same way every time on your groundstrokes is a good focus point. Hitting a good serve and a good first shot, as well as a good return of serve and a good first shot is another great area to concentrate on during a match.

Watching the ball from your opponent's racquet through your contact point, and then recovering and expecting the ball to come back is another example of process oriented thinking. Reminding yourself of one of these thoughts throughout the match will be a winning formula most of the time.

Stay focused on the process rather than the outcome, even if you are struggling at times during the match.




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